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Hammerhead, using recent nightlies.

Has anybody seen something like this before?  Fairly often when I have an incoming call it appears that the microphone is shut off.  The caller can not hear me at all, but as soon as I switch over to speakerphone mode then the microphone is working again.  I've also tested with some apps like Google search, a voice recorder and a sound level gauge.  Sometimes they work fine, often there is no sound recorded at all.  Rebooting usually fixes it, but just for a while.

I'm hoping that it is a system or software issue and not a hardware issue.  I'm running some backups now so I can try doing a factory reset, or maybe experiment with stock marshmallow for a while, but if anybody has any ideas or experience about this issue I would be happy to hear about it.

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No problems here.. 
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Has anybody attempted a port for the Galaxy Tab S 8.4?  (That's SM-T70x, codename klimtwifi.)  It's nice to see that there is a CM build for it, but as we all know AICP is much better. :-)
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Hi all,

I've been thinking about trying to do an AICP build for klimtwifi (Galaxy Tab S 8.4) and have run into a question or two.  I'm a long time software developer so I have plenty of experience organizing and building big software projects on multiple platforms, but this is my first foray into building an Android distribution. I've got the AICP source and have done a test build for an already supported platform to make sure my build setup has all it needs and that it all is working.

Now I'm at the point of needing to pull in the klimtwifi device and kernel files from CM and configuring the tools like `brunch` to know that it is a device that can be selected as a target of the build.  Are there some docs or other pointers somewhere with info about how and where to do this?

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You'll need to fork the cm tree and make changes for aicp. Check the following commit to see what changes are made to a cm tree to support aicp.

You then need to add your device to vendor_aicp to be able to build. You can reference the following commit to see how I added support for my device which is not officially supported.

You will also need to create a local_manifest with the repos needed for your device.

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Is anybody else seeing this on flounder (nexus 9) with latest aicp 9.0?  When I attach a usb thumb drive it mounts and is accessible as expected, but the notification that lets me unmount it is not present. (It shows up briefly in the status bar and then vanishes.) There is also no items for the USB drive in the Storage page in Settings.  Since I apparently can not unmount the drive anywhere un the UI I worry about data corruption if I just yank it out.  Any ideas for a fix or a workaround?
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Ali B
+Joshua G​ you need to add that line to flounder's system.prop
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I noticed that the changelog mentions the Slim camera is now included in the ROM.  What are the advantages compared with the stock Nexus camera?
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Got slim cam on my s2 19th build ;)
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