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Battery breakthrough using 2016 Nobel Prize molecule

'Silicon anodes are receiving a great deal of attention from the battery community. They can deliver around three to five times higher capacity compared with those using current graphite anodes in lithium ion batteries. A higher capacity means longer battery use per charge, which is particularly critical in extending the driving mileage of all-electric vehicles. Although silicon is abundant and cheap, Si anodes have a limited charge-discharge cycle number, which is typically less than 100 times with microparticle sizes. Their volume expands enormously during each charge-discharge cycle, leading to fractures of the electrode particles or delamination of the electrode film equally, even in decaying its capacity.

A KAIST research team led by Professors Jang Wook Choi and Ali Coskun reported a molecular pulley binder for high-capacity silicon anodes of lithium ion batteries in Science on July 20.'

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Interesting. I didn't know that in Europe it is usually the car driver who supplies the cable. Knowing that, setting up the charging infrastructure looks more likely. Not for fast charging, of course. "An old-fashioned streetlight in the London borough of Westminster–emblazoned with an ornate, golden W–looks essentially the same as it did in the 1950s. But now it’s possible to open a tiny door on the side and plug in an electric car.

The lamppost is one of dozens in London that the German startup Ubitricity has retrofitted to double as charging stations. Unlike typical chargers, the conversion doesn’t take up extra space, and since it relies on existing infrastructure, it’s also cheaper and easier to install at a time when London wants to quickly increase the number of public chargers in the city.
Almost everything that would normally be part of a small charging station–an internet connection and display, along with sensors and technology to measure and control the charging–is part of the charging cable instead in the company’s system. Drivers buy a cable and carry it in their car (in contrast to the U.S., where charging cables are built into stations, bringing your own cable is common in Europe and the U.K.).

After a retrofit that takes less than an hour, power can be drawn from the streetlight’s existing connection to the grid. “In many cities, you have an amazingly strong connection for a streetlight,” says Hechtfischer. “You can do six kilowatts. That means any Tesla, even one that is big and empty, will be full in the morning if you plug it in at night.”
Ubitricity has retrofitted 82 streetlights in London and has interest from several boroughs in retrofitting dozens more. The company hopes to raise funds to begin to build partnerships to expand to cities in the U.S."

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I also choose The Selfish Gene from among the listed books. "Richard Dawkin’s 1976 book, The Selfish Gene, has topped a public poll of the most inspiring science books of all time, commissioned by the Royal Society to mark the 30th year of the prestigious Royal Society Science Book Prize. It is followed by Bill Bryson’s 2003 book A Short History of Nearly Everything in second place, and Charles Darwin’s 1859 classic On the Origin of Species in third place.

Participants called The Selfish Gene a “masterpiece” and Dawkins an “excellent communicator”, with many commenting on how the book had changed their perspective of the world and the way they were trained to see science.

The 11 books featured in the poll – selected by Keith Moore, Head of Library at the Royal Society – are widely recognised for their impact on the general public as well as the science community. Also included were A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking (1988), The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot (2010) and Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962).

Interestingly, whilst The Selfish Gene came out top of the pre-selected list, many of the 1,309 participants chose books that did not appear on the top 11. Popular choices included Cosmos by Carl Sagan, My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch and Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman? by Richard Feynman. Many people credited these books for fundamentally changing their outlook on the world. Famous names also took part in the debate, offering the reasons behind the science writing that has most inspired them, including Professor Brian Cox (The Big Picture by Sean Carroll), former Book Prize winners Gaia Vince (The Periodic Table by Primo Levi) and Andrea Wulf (Views of Nature by Alexander von Humboldt) and world chess champion Garry Kasparov (Alan M Turing by Sarah Turing)."

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"Charles Kane never thought he would be cavorting with topologists. “I don't think like a mathematician,” admits Kane, a theoretical physicist who has tended to focus on tangible problems about solid materials. He is not alone. Physicists have typically paid little attention to topology — the mathematical study of shapes and their arrangement in space. But now Kane and other physicists are flocking to the field.

In the past decade, they have found that topology provides unique insight into the physics of materials, such as how some insulators can sneakily conduct electricity along a single-atom layer on their surfaces.

Some of these topological effects were uncovered in the 1980s, but only in the past few years have researchers begun to realize that they could be much more prevalent and bizarre than anyone expected. Topological materials have been “sitting in plain sight, and people didn't think to look for them”, says Kane, who is at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Now, topological physics is truly exploding: it seems increasingly rare to see a paper on solid-state physics that doesn’t have the word topology in the title. And experimentalists are about to get even busier. A study on page 298 of this week’s Nature unveils an atlas of materials that might host topological effects, giving physicists many more places to go looking for bizarre states of matter such as Weyl fermions or quantum-spin liquids."

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"백범을 따르는 우리들, 몽양을 따르는 우리들이 다른 모든 우리들과 함께 힘을 모아 우리 자신을 모멸하는 것들만 빼고 이 땅에 평화를 가져오자는 다짐을 하려는 것입니다." (이부영 몽양여운형선생기념사업회장 추모식사)

==> 몽양 암살(1947년 7월)에 이르기까지 백범의 행보는 몽양이 우사와 함께 추진한 좌우 합작과는 매우 거리가 멀었다. 그는 이승만과 함꼐 극우적 입장이었고, 한국의 현실과 국제 정세를 완전히 무시한 (알고도 자신의 정치적 입지를 위해서였는지, 파악하지 못 했는지 몰라도) 반탁 등은 분단을 막고 통일 정부를 수립하는데 전혀 도움이 되지 못 했다. 백범이 기차 떠나기 전에 우사처럼 몽양과 협력했다면 실날 같은 통일 정부 수립의 가능성이 좀더 커졌을 것이다.

그나저나 구글 지도는 우이동 몽양 묘소를 더하라는 요구를 왜 번번이 거부하는 것인지... 더할 때까지 계속 시도해야지.

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It's very tempting to drive up to Oregon. A couple of my colleagues will do.

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“5.) Skyward views of the Moon’s shadow.

The entire sky won’t become dark-as-night; only the portion within the Moon’s shifting shadow.”

If you’ve never seen a total solar eclipse before, you’ve likely heard about many of the features to look for, like the sky darkening during the day, the Sun disappearing, and the solar corona and, occasionally, stars becoming visible during the day. But if you take an enhanced view, either with binoculars, a telescope, or photography, so much more becomes apparent. The Sun’s corona extends for millions of kilometers in all directions, while plasma loops and the Moon’s surface are illuminated. The Moon’s shadow can be seen across portions of the daytime sky, and it’s not just stars but also planets that can become visible. And finally, if clouds appear in the upper atmosphere with just the right conditions, the end of totality might herald the fascinating optical phenomenon of iridescence.

Thanks to the extraordinary eclipse photography of Miloslav Druckmuller, you can get a preview of it all! Catch it on today’s Mostly Mute Monday.

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이런 상황에서 추미애 잘 한다고 격려 문자 보냈던 이른바 '팬'들은 제발 '똥볼'인지 아닌지 구별 좀 잘 하길....

추 대표가 지른 불, 청와대가 진화 나서

연일 강경 발언으로 국회 갈등을 부추기는 추미애 더불어민주당 대표로 인해 여야 모두 부글부글 끓고 있다. 국민의당은 강경 발언을 이어가는 추 대표에게 사과를 촉구했고, 더불어민주당도 7월11일 우원식 원내대표가 마련한 ‘4선 이상 중진의원 회동’을 통해 추 대표에게 국민의당에 유감을 표명하라고 제안했다. 7월13일에는 임종석 대통령비서실장까지 국민의당 달래기에 나섰다. 이날 임 실장은 박주선 국민의당 비상대책위원장을 찾아가 “(추 대표가) 왜 정치적 오해를 살 수 있는 상황을 조성했는지 청와대는 알 수 없다. 국민의당에 걱정을 끼쳐 미안하다. 진심으로 유감을 표명한다”고 말한 것으로 알려졌다. 일자리 추가경정예산안과 정부조직법 개편안 등 국회 처리가 시급한 상황에서 추 대표의 발언으로 국회 일정이 ‘올스톱’된 것에 대한 다급함이 묻어나는 발언이다. 임 실장과 만난 뒤, 국민의당은 “청와대의 유감 표명을 수용하고 추경 심사에 복귀한다”고 밝혔다. 추 대표가 지른 불을 청와대가 나서서 진화하는 모양새다.

민주당은 난감한 분위기다. 지속적으로 야당의 협조를 얻어내야 하는 우원식 민주당 원내대표 쪽은 더욱 곤혹스러울 수밖에 없다. 민주당 관계자는 <한겨레21>과의 통화에서 “폭주기관차 추 대표 좀 말려달라. 매일 야당을 향해 융단폭격을 하는데 정말 큰일이다. 당에서는 대놓고 (비판적인) 말을 못하는 상황이다. 원내대표 쪽도 부글부글 끓고 있다”고 당 분위기를 전했다.

나: 현재 온도는? What's the current temperature?
구글 어시스턴트(Google Assistant): 85도입니다. 85 degrees.
나: 섭씨로는? In centigrade?
구어(GA): 이해하지 못 하는 명령입나다. I can't help with that.

맥락 이해는 여전히 먼 길...

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Interesting. A free, online, interactive electronics textbook. Chapters 1 and 2 currently available.
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