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NSA Utah Data Center
Federal Government Office
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N 11600 W Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
North 11600 WestUSUtahSaratoga Springs84045
Federal Government Office
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"As far as backup services go, they are top notch."
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"The backup service is terrible."
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"They stole my personal information without a warrant..."
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Dan Contilli's profile photo
Dan Contilli
2 months ago
This NSA data center has it all: emails, text messages, bank records, telephony metadata, spidgets (spy midgets). Built by former C&C Music Frontman Death-of-Freedom Williams, this multi-billion dollar facility holds records of every digital communication. They also x-Ray mail, utilize satellite imagery, and dig people's used toenail clippings out of the trash and put them in ziplock bags in the basement. Don't worry making a reservation. They will know when you are coming.
• • •
Andrea Parker
2 months ago
Started using the internet back in the mid-90s so I was saddened to note that the data housed here did not contain my browsing history from 1998 or so. Additionally, my non-smart phones / phones I purchased in the 90s were not tracked :( If only I had that data so that I could retrace my steps using location-based tracking and find where I lost my Pogs and Backstreet Boys CD on that hiking trip! :(
Michael Williams
a month ago
Crime against the Constitution and everything that made this country great. Every politician, corporatist, and subhuman who is responsible for this building shold be locked up and never see the light of day. This building is the work of Satan.
Daniel Tran
10 months ago
Pretty good service!!! My computer was stolen so I bought a new laptop. I brought it over there and they restored it to its previous state. All my data is back!!! Nothing missing even the chat logs back in 2004. WOW Highly recommended!!!
Sam Yeager
3 months ago
I really liked it cause they took me on a tour and like showed me the cool stuff that I likd. Hahaah it was a really fun day. I wish everyday was as fun ast het one. Live love NSa
Shawn Oswald's profile photo
Shawn Oswald
2 months ago
It's the damnedest thing, all the information from my phone is backed up to this place but yet I can't retrieve any of it back! Go figure!!! Hell even apples massive data center is more reliable than these guys! at least I can get back some of the information I have stored there! On a more serious note, "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither" Benjamin Franklin. Remember that 80s song by Rockwell? "Somebody's watching me"
• • •
Lab Rat's profile photo
Lab Rat
9 months ago
Wow. I went here expecting to find the world's best everything. I mean, for a couple billion bucks I could build a palace of data storage and retrieval. So I get in and find the REAL secret: the place is made from tin cans and strings! I mean I'm not kidding, here: Actual twine is running through tunnels underground. You think this place is big on the surface! That is NOTHING compared to what exists below ground. There are MILLIONS of tubes with twine leading from all over...from every direction. Technology my eye! They are limited to the speed of sound through twine! What a mess. And SOMEBODY made out like a bandit building this place......
• • •
Kellon Sandall's profile photo
Kellon Sandall
8 months ago
I recently had the privilege to walk around this big piece of concrete. It was kinda scary because I always had to be careful of what I said. You never know how far out around the place they have it bugged. In fact, I sorta said some distasteful things about it that I don't want to say here. Just the fact that I wrote this will probably tip them off. At night I was bit paranoid sleeping under the shadow of it. I kept thinking they were keeping records of my regular sleep schedule. I was relieved to go in the morning. I swear the whole time I was around it, I could feel someone or something watching me. If you want to know what I said about this formidable stronghold follow these steps. First, learn public and private key encryption. DO NOT follow the NSA's implementation of it. They have designed loopholes in it. Second, send a message to me saying you like baked beans and burritos with a side of horse radish. I will send a message back to you containing a public key. Once you receive it, take a picture of your favorite breakfast and encrypt it with the public key you have. AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT HAVE YOUR HOUSE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET WHEN PUTTING THE PICTURE ON YOUR COMPUTER. I'm sorry, but I can't take any chances. Next, connect back up to the internet and send me the picture. It wouldn't hurt to send the recipe too. I will then send you a message that contains the meeting place where I will divulge my plan. It will be a precise coordinate and precise time. Don't be late or I won't be there. If the NSA discovers any part of your proceedings, I don't have any association with you. Long live the USA! (I mean the one that used to be under a constitution.)
• • •