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NSA Utah Data Center
Federal Government Office
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N 11600 W Bluffdale, UT 84045
N 11600 WUSUTBluffdale84045
Federal Government Office
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Garrett Trumble
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Hard drive failure, lost, and corrupted files, these frustrations are now a thing of the past! Have you won a bet over the phone, but your friend refuses to admit it?! Well, all these are no more! Thanks to the NSA and their data centers! Recording everything you do, write, and say, you can be rest assured that every press of a key or noise that comes out of your mouth can be relived and documented to be accessed again and again. How about your baby's first Christmas being sent to grandma? Dont forget the NSA though, they want to see too! Its adorable isn't it? Its the day he said his first word! Think about it, this video and everything else there for everyone at the NSA to enjoy and cherish as our freedoms are slowly slipping out of the fingers of every American, as more and more of our rights and freedoms are replaced by free healthcare, free groceries, free rent, free stuff. P.S. I requested a backup of a copy of my hard drive, and I received someone else's, I complained and they sent me mine but said I could keep the old one. A+ Customer Service I recommend!!
• • •
Lorina Potter
reviewed 4 months ago
My boyfriend works here, he does an amazing job, he is so smart! The other day I saw something funny on my computer, like I was being watched, he assured me we had the best protections and it wasn’t possible! I saw the word LOVEINT in an email he got, he told me it meant he loved me to the “int”h degree! I feel so safe with him protecting me! The trust between us is amazing!
Brian Bosak's profile photo
Brian Bosak
reviewed 5 months ago
It's an OK data backup service. Provides backup services for everything I store on Amazon AWS and other online services (such as Dropbox, this way I get free UNLIMITED storage), but it's very difficult to retrieve backups (as mentioned in prior reviews), and doesn't yet support full hard drive backups (would be nice to backup/restore my whole hard drive encrypted with TrueCrypt). It also violates my 4th amendment rights; but hey, the constitution got destroyed a long time ago!
• • •
Kyle Brown's profile photo
Kyle Brown
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Nice new facility but staff treated me in a way I would best describe as unconstitutional. I went in thinking I would find protection under the bill of rights but then they gave me an unreasonable search and seizure without probable cause! The place just reeked all around. Avoid at all cost.
Nomadic Ground's profile photo
Nomadic Ground
reviewed 5 months ago
please provide a public upload component to the data facility. I would like to walk up to the data center and upload all my information including DOB, hair color, eye color, personality traits, sexual proclivities, political thoughts, products I've bought. I need to let you know my friends, my shoe size and my friends shoe sizes. Can you put a booth out front? Otherwise I'll just toss a memory stick over the fence. Additionally, I would like to report my good thoughts, and bad thoughts as well. I am a patriot and all patriotic americans should produce a complete digital rendering of themselves to help the NSA. I have dirt underneath my left pinkie nail and I want to report this immediately. My google glasses I wear will provide a constant stream of data to the center as well.
• • •
Shanda Decker's profile photo
Shanda Decker
reviewed 3 weeks ago
All you stupid people have no idea what it is for if you think they are even slightly interested in you and your precious information. They aren't getting a kick out of listening to you call your mom