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NSA Utah Data Center
Federal Government Office
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N 11600 W Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
North 11600 WestUSUtahSaratoga Springs84045
Federal Government Office
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"Stop spying on me."
"As far as backup services go, they are top notch."
"Turns out they're backing up all my (and your) emails and phone calls."
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Alfred Swartz
4 months ago
On the books the building cost Billions. Reality? Built by some Congressman's brothers with spare materials. Employees only top notch Certified Techs paid Millions each but really Barney Fife types and illegal aliens Barneys getting U.S. Minimum wage, illegals $3.25 an hour. That girl down the line that gave 5 stars and bragged on the NSA? Their still going to track you just like they track me and the entire World. The Constitution be damned. Be sure to tell em goodnight when you sign off at night. I do ; )
• • •
Daniel Tran
4 months ago
Pretty good service!!! My computer was stolen so I bought a new laptop. I brought it over there and they restored it to its previous state. All my data is back!!! Nothing missing even the chat logs back in 2004. WOW Highly recommended!!!
Shawn Oswald's profile photo
Shawn Oswald
7 months ago
It's the damnedest thing, all the information from my phone is backed up to this place but yet I can't retrieve any of it back! Go figure!!! Hell even apples massive data center is more reliable than these guys! at least I can get back some of the information I have stored there! On a more serious note, "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither" Benjamin Franklin. Remember that 80s song by Rockwell? "Somebody's watching me"
• • •
Jeff Shark's profile photo
Jeff Shark
in the last week
Backs up everything. I'll never have to use Dropbox again!
Dan Herrera's profile photo
Dan Herrera
2 months ago
Why are NSA spying on us? They're clearly violating our 4th Amendment right!! When the fact is the CIA IS funding al-Qaeda that is currently fighting against the Assad regime and overthrown Gaddafi regime in Libya. Yo' I thought we were at war with these dangerous people that blew up the World Trade Centers in 2001! So now you're funding them? (Now I see why 9/11 WAS indeed an inside job!!!) Go ahead you nosey @$$holes!! Keep on spying! I might come to this construction sight to protest. (Anonymous will be there as well.) The answer to 1984 is 1776!!! SOVEREIGNTY AND THE CONSTITUTION WILL PREVAIL!! I got four words for us NSA reading this review: DON'T TREAD ON ME!! DON'T TREAD ON ANYONE ELSE!! (Even deleting your accounts to.................ever website, including Google, you'll still have my data, nosy Imperial scum!)
• • •
Dan Contilli's profile photo
Dan Contilli
7 months ago
This NSA data center has it all: emails, text messages, bank records, telephony metadata, spidgets (spy midgets). Built by former C&C Music Frontman Death-of-Freedom Williams, this multi-billion dollar facility holds records of every digital communication. They also x-Ray mail, utilize satellite imagery, and dig people's used toenail clippings out of the trash and put them in ziplock bags in the basement. Don't worry making a reservation. They will know when you are coming.
• • •
Sam Yeager
9 months ago
I really liked it cause they took me on a tour and like showed me the cool stuff that I likd. Hahaah it was a really fun day. I wish everyday was as fun ast het one. Live love NSa
Ciera Valdivia's profile photo
Ciera Valdivia
5 months ago
multi- billion dollar facility that Americans paid for to violate our 4th amendment rights.. I want to keep my rights, thank you but no thank you NSA