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ILEX International
Éditeur spécialisé dans la gestion des identités et des accès (IAM).
Éditeur spécialisé dans la gestion des identités et des accès (IAM).


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Securing your data in the cloud
Organisations are continually moving business applications and services to the cloud. Alongside the growth of remote workers within an organisation, securing and controlling access to cloud-based infrastructure and services has become increasingly challengi...

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Open Banking initiative: What does this mean for the UK banking sector?
By: Barry O’Donohoe, Co-Founder, RAiDiAM Consulting A report from Identity and Access Management specialists Ilex International and RAiDiAM Consulting looks at the upcoming Open Banking legislation and the impact on UK banking organisations. The Open Bankin...

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Oauth2 vs OpenId Connect
Thomas Poignant Chef de projet web Aujourd’hui, la fédération d’identités est un sujet essentiel en matière d’authentification pour toute organisation offrant de multiples services applicatifs. Parmi les nombreux protocoles de fédération disponibles, les pl...

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Time to re-engineer Identity and Access Management
IAM is historically driven by compliance and user provisioning. It had a very limited scope of coverage in terms of applications, a low return on investment and provided very restricted controls and views of access. As more business applications and service...

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Single Sign-On (SSO): How to differentiate the good from the bad when it comes to user experience and security
Steve Mullan UK Operations Manager Launching a Single Sign-On (SSO) project in an organisation is often linked to the user’s dissatisfaction with the current IT system, and the need to remember countless logins and passwords to access everyday applications....

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Quand la confidentialité des échanges sert aussi les terroristes…
Par Frédéric Lefebvre Ingénieur Avant-vente Aujourd’hui, de nombreux médias cherchent à savoir comment communiquent les terroristes, et quels sont les moyens qu’ils mettent en œuvre pour faire transiter des informations sans éveiller les soupçons des autori...

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FranceConnect, ou comment réconcilier les citoyens avec l’administration ?
Par Frédéric Lefebvre Ingénieur Avant-vent Jusqu’à très récemment, chacun de ces sites nécessitait la création d’un compte, et donc de gérer autant d’accès différents, avec pour chacun un identifiant et un mot de passe, qui bien souvent n’était pas le même ...

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Mega breaches: What’s behind the headlines?
Nowadays, barely a day goes by without an organisation getting hacked. In this age of ‘big data’, cyber criminals can compromise almost any type of personal information. As technology continues to evolve, so do the number of routes of entry for criminals to...

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Ilex International and Goode Intelligence explore the future of mobile security
Ilex International has worked with mobile security research and consultancy specialist, Goode Intelligence, to develop a white paper which explores the increase in mobility – and why it’s still not fully accepted by the enterprise. For many, this is because...

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Are your identity and access management systems effective?
Information is the life blood of all organisations. It is essential to measure tangible objects and also to recognise the intangible impacts so as to understand their effects on organisational decision-making. Establishing an understanding of the effectiven...
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