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As I’m sure you know, we have a petition to have Islam’s classification as a religion removed. On the 19th April, the petition will be closed and no more signatures will be accepted. At the time of writing this, we need less than 500 signatures to hit the magical 11,000 mark. Whilst most of you will have signed already, we need a big push to get over the line.

This petition is of vital importance. If you have signed and received an email then you have done it. If you didn’t get an email and click the link then you haven’t.

If this is the case then please try again. (see instructions at the end of this post).
If you have signed the petition, it is likely that you could get at least one more person to sign. Perhaps your wife or husband hasn’t signed yet, or an adult child. If they have their own email address, they are entitled to sign themselves. Simply help them through the process by clicking here and having them fill out the petition themselves:

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page after you click “Sign” and make sure they click the email ASAP. You have 8 hours to do this but may forget if it is not done immediately.

If we all get one more signature, we will blast through the 10,000 mark easily
I know I can count on you to do this. This is your chance to arrest the slide into a Sharia controlled society. That won’t be happening whilst I have a breath in my body. I am sure that you feel the same.

We have until April 19th, Australia is counting on you.

If you are unsuccessful a second time, you can just email the petitions committee. Please cut and paste the following text into an email:
Dear Petitions committee,
I have attempted to sign the petition EN0155 Reclassify Islam but your system will not allow me to. Can you please advise me how I can sign this petition?
Kind regards,
(your name)
The email address to send it to is:
and CC me into the email at:
Reclassify Islam
Reclassify Islam
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Please read, sign and share with everyone on your networks. This includes a link to my petition to declassify Islam as a religion. The link is at the end of the article.
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You know Hillary Clinton is in trouble when Thomas Freidman in NY times writes a column begging dumb white voters not to vote for Trump.
Like all the elites, Friedman seems to think people are voting for Trump because they are stupid. What elitists like Friedman fail to realise is that there are different types of intelligence.
Many intellectuals are brilliant in their own field. Take them out of their own specialty however and things often look rather different. Many of them would struggle to tie their own shoelaces.
Commonly, in the real world, academics are not street wise. In fact, they can sometimes be quite gullible.
While many would deny it, for most Trump voters, this election is about race and immigration. That is why Joe Sixpack is voting for Trump.
He knows that if only white people were voting in this election that Trump would be a shoe in.
He knows that the white voters will split according to who they think can best run the country. Hispanics meanwhile, will tend to vote for the candidate who will be best for the Hispanics.
Because of this, the much smaller Hispanic tail will wag the American dog. Of course, no one blames the Hispanics for voting for their own interests, even though it is a form of racism. This racism is not confined to the Hispanics. It is common to most minority groups. This pattern of voting for their collective interests gives these groups power far beyond their numbers.
Hillary knows that if she panders to these minorities, she can ride this power all the way to the Whitehouse.
Joe Sixpack knows this too. He also knows that Hillary knows it.
If Hillary gets in, she will be pushing for the maximum number of 3rd world immigrants possible. Not because she feels sorry for them but because these people are her guarantee of re-election and extreme ethnic pork-barrelling.
If this carries on, eventually the ethnic vote will be large enough to ensure that whites never call the shots in America ever again.
You may think this perversion of the democratic process is a small price to pay for the enrichment of a culture which is “disgustingly white” (which were the words used by the head of the BBC to describe his own organisation).
Maybe you think that Trump’s supporters are all racist, fascist, redneck, inbred scum who want nothing better than to burn crosses on people’s lawns.
Well we are not (not most of us anyway).
Trump’s supporters simply have a modicum of common sense and have seen what has happened elsewhere
Take Sweden for example. Sweden is one of the most desolate pieces of real estate on the planet.
The only things Sweden has in abundance are pine trees and snow
The Swedes had a culture of hard work and honesty however. A mixture of good luck and good management managed to keep them out of the wars which beset the rest of Europe during the 20th Century.
Consequently, they managed to create one of the most envied societies in the world. By the seventies, they were ahead of everyone else in almost every metric you could imagine.
Whether by wealth, quality of life, education, health, you name it, they were in front.
Crime and unemployment were almost unheard of. If a swede was unlucky enough to be unemployed, the most generous welfare system would take care of them until they returned to the workforce.
They made world class cars, trucks, planes, high quality engineered goods and a cracking range of flat pack furniture (with complimentary allen key). They even had one of the world’s most successful pop groups topping the charts around the world.
Then in 1975, some person (or persons) decided that this situation was simply intolerable. They decided that Sweden needed progress. To do this, it was essential that they initiate a program of mass immigration from third world countries. This was desperately needed to enrich Swedish culture and stop people from thinking that the Swedes were racist.
I’m not quite sure who was responsible for this, but they were powerful indeed. They were powerful enough to ensure that everyone went along with it. Newspapers, politicians, police, schools, courts, not a single person in a position of authority was game to blow the whistle.
No matter how bad things became, the truth was withheld.
Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city became ungovernable. It has regularly been in flames yet no one said a thing.
These days, the only charts the Swedes are topping are the ones which relate to rape statistics. They are beating not only the rest of Europe, but most of the rest of the world.
The great majority of the rape victims are indigenous Swedish girls. Most of the perpetrators are “migrants.” The police and the authorities are doing everything in their power to hide this fact from the hapless indigenous population.
Government TV ads are now telling Swedes how wonderful this new multicultural society is. They tell them that there is no going back and they must learn to live with it.
Indeed, it is hard to see a way back that doesn’t involve bloodshed on an industrial scale. The sad thing is that this was all completely avoidable.
That is what has happened to the intelligent, well-educated Swedes
Does that sound smart to you? It sounds really dumb to me. The Swedes weren’t smart, they were incredibly naïve. Anyone with a sprinkling of common sense could have seen that one coming.
Trump’s supporters have more than a sprinkling of common sense. Many of them might not have master’s degrees. They may not be able to articulate their beliefs as eloquently as Mr Freidman but Americans aren’t voting for trump because they are stupid.
They are voting for Trump because they are not stupid. They don’t want their kids to end up in the situation the Swedes are finding themselves in right now.
At this point, no-one knows for sure who will win. Whichever way this goes however, it is not the end of the battle, it is just the beginning. If Trump wins, the elites will bide their time. America has lots of big problems. Their friends in the press will blame Trump for all of them.
Eventually he will be gone and they will do their best to replace him with someone who will open the floodgates once more.
If Trump does get in however, he has a chance to deal with this once and for all.
The problem we face is that people in democracies don’t only vote on immigration issues. Often, immigration is low on the list of people’s worries.
People vote on a range of issues which concern them. They are often forced to vote for parties whose immigration policies they don’t agree with.
Yet immigration is, in my view, one of the most important long term issues that any society faces. Letting the wrong people into your nation can be catastrophic, as the Europeans have been finding out recently.
To ensure that rogue Governments do not do this, the people need to hold them to account. The only way to do this effectively is to ensure that the head of the immigration department is elected separately from the rest of the Government.
Potential candidates should be required to present an immigration plan before election. This plan must then be rigidly adhered to until the next election.
This may sound like a radical idea, yet American States commonly elect their Attorney General separately. There is no reason why they could not do the same with the Federal Immigration Minister.
I’m not saying it would be easy. The chances of success would depend largely on who controls the House and the Senate. It might well require constitutional change and maybe a referendum.
Until we can bring about these changes however, all democratic nations remain at risk. Governments can simply flood their nations with migrants who will vote to keep them in power at the expense of “We the People.”
If Hillary wins, many people think it will be all over. That is what they want you to think. Don’t fall for it. It isn’t over until it is over.
It certainly won’t be over while I have breath in my body and in the words of the Goose, “Don’t write me off until you see the box going into the hole.”
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                         Spread the Word this Christmas!
Wondering what presents to buy for Christmas? Well how about spreading around a little Counter Jihad cheer. If you have been wondering how to convince your friends and relatives of the dangers of militant Islam, why not kill two birds with one stone.
The Story of Mohammed is a short book with a big punch. By explaining the horrors and the dangers of Islam through Mohammed’s awful deeds, it turns the subject from a dull text book into an action packed adventure story.
By using this tactic, it also avoids showing hatred towards Muslims, instead showing them as victims of an evil cult. Because of this, it circumvents the usual accusations of hatred and bias. This makes it a book which is safe to give to your boss, or to your daughters head teacher.
Despite this, once they have finished the book, it is glaringly obvious that Islam poses a huge threat to our way of life and liberty.
Written in clear and simple language and an easy style, this book keeps people engrossed right to the final chapter.
You can read this book yourself for free HERE

 or check out some Amazon reviews  here:

In the USA, Amazon sells this book for just USD6.55 and in the UK is only GBP3.92. With free shipping if you buy a few copies, this is a timely and cheap present which is guaranteed to get the word out this Christmas.
To order your copies now, CLICK HERE

 and make this the Christmas when we really turned the tide.
The Story of Mohammed
The Story of Mohammed
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Just trying out Google +. You have probably all seen this before.
Chapter One, Early Life
( If you think this book has been written to
promote a sinister agenda or somehow encourage harm to Muslims, then please go
to the end and read the appendix  here first .) Mohammed was born in 570AD, in a town
called Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia.   At ...
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Chapter One, Early Life
( If you think this book has been written to
promote a sinister agenda or somehow encourage harm to Muslims, then please go
to the end and read the appendix  here first .) Mohammed was born in 570AD, in a town
called Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia.   At ...
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