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Patriarchy cuts al(l)ways
One evening, Sohan
was going through his Facebook wall. He read the # metoo status of Rohini and felt like sharing it. He copied and pasted the status,
recalling a heinous incident he went through. Little did he know, that the
night will pass pacifying his ...
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Book Review: We should all be Feminists
We should all be Feminists This book is adapted from the TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie of the same name. This book is a personal essay where she talks of the experiences of sexism she faced in Nigeria. It eloquently discusses what feminist means cont...
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Last nail in coffin
"I am extremely
sorry for my behavior last night, if possible forgive me!!", and she
walked into the bedroom. "Is this sorry
enough and for how long?", he posed the question to the empty air in the
room. "Aren't you
saying it thousandth time?   I really wis...
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Karwa chauth for husbands, rakhi/bhai dooj for bhai, ashtami for children. Is there something for wives/sisters/mothers?
If you are a Hindu
woman, you are bestowed with a very important role, to take care of your
family. You are supposed to keep fast for karwa chauth for husbands, ashtami
fast for children, tie rakhi to bhai for their well being. Is there any fast
for well be...
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Tax privilege to India's privileged
do people fall for greed, amass lot of power and wealth, engaged in corruption?
There are many reasons including poverty and opportunity, lack of ethical
standards, competition for resources, poor deterrence and misuse of
discretionary powers. However, ...
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Selfie Mene Leli Aaj
Few days back, I got
an opportunity to witness the Russian dance performance, Swan Lake Ballet at
the JLN stadium. Luckily and Coincidentally, Sharmila Tagore was sitting in the
row next to me. Instead of approaching her and talking about her movie "Chupke
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Benefit of doubt
A human being is
inherently good at heart who wont do any harm to others. When we judge someone,
we assume act of omission or commission on the part of the other person and
began doubting their intention and unknowingly create grudges. This creates
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f(t): Function of Time
Time is the best yet
most strict teacher in life. Its value lies in its irreversibility. Every
moment, every event, every feeling, to be more general every thing is a
function of time. Earth is a function of time resulting in a habitable place.
Geo morpholo...
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I am happy without kids!!
Today is  Sushma's last day at her office. She is a 32
years old, Senior manager in Tech Mahindra and a seemingly successful woman by
all standards of the society. Farewell scene with
her two friends Radhika and Maya: Radhika: Hey Sushma, congrats buddie fo...
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The Perfect Man- Another Rare species
In continuation of
my previous post- Good girl: A rare species , here is another bucket of expectation for
another half section of the world: The Man. Mard ko dard ni hota: A good
boy should know how to control his emotions all the time. Being emotio...
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