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The Beautiful and Suffering Life
“How could I have lost the green dishes?” Last Christmas, my mother-in-law gave me her beautiful green
and gold china plates—the very same china a special woman in her life handed
down to her. We packaged and shipped several boxes of china from Indiana to

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The younger women in my life asked me to write about the topic below-would love to hear what others would add to this difficult conversation in a culture where we're more connected than ever before but more lonely than ever before.

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Loneliness In the
Good Life  ( sometimes I'm truly never alone) “But how do I know he’s real?” I asked staring into the
mirror while having my first philosophical conversation about Jesus.   “You can’t see him,” said my
Mother.   “You believe in him by

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Here's a final blog on vocation and calling

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A Calling to be More Human
"Don't pretend to care about something you don't care about."  These words came to me as I was pulling clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Me?  Pretend I care?  When do I do that?  With those thoughts, I headed back downstairs to my computer so I could r...

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Slow Down in the Little Things
"Do you know how fast you were going?" asked the state trooper as she leaned down to face me through the passenger window of my car.  Swallowing hard before I answered, I made a split second decision to tell the truth.  "I was doing 45 in a 35, right?"  I c...
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