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Did anyone watch +Syfy's Defiance  yesterday? It was very well produced and I loved it! My son is having trouble beating Nim Shondu on the game. I'm a gaming fan but this is unreal! Game + Show  simultaneously = AWESOME!  

Just upset that Sirius XM is such a falsehood. They promised me a refund and I didn't receive it. Makes a person sad in this day and age when you can't trust a big company. Now I don't have a radio nor a refund of $95.46 :(

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Awesome! Have a good trip and hope I win! :)
I'm giving away a G-Connect WiFi Hard Drive on Google+ TODAY!
Here's how to win...!!!

RIGHT NOW we're beginning the +Geek Beat  Streaming Across America drive from Dallas to New York where we'll be live streaming the CEA Line Shows.  And we've got 3-4 AWESOME prizes that we'll be giving away EVERY DAY for the next 10 days!

First up is the awesome G-Connect WiFi drive!  This $200, 500GB portable drive doubles as a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 friends, PLUS it lets you stream any content you put on it to an iPad, phone, laptop... whatever! 

Here's how to win:
  1) Do you have me in one of your circles? Step One complete!
  2) Publicly share this post.

That's it!!!  We'll pick a winner TODAY.

Oh... my little G+niuses, you know me so well.  You want more chances to win!  Ok...  
 - You get one more chance if you have +Geek Beat  in your circles too
  - And another if you leave a comment below telling me what the heck you think you need a bad ass WiFi streaming 500GB portable drive for!

That's it.  Now hop to it!  And stay tuned for about 40 more awesome giveaways coming at you over the next week and a half.  

LOTS more chances to win!

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I wouldn't want to wear this but I'm fascinated looking at the mechanics of it.

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This is very interesting, although it is about smart phones in the UK. I'm sure it's the same for many in the US.
Thousands of mobile phone users are dialling up debt problems by buying the latest smartphones with expensive contracts that they cannot afford.

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Very cool!
Elephants and Touch screens

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I agree

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No political statements, just that there IS always more than one side to a story or so called history. Before anyone gets upset. I do celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We give thanks for our blessings and I do love this country...but...not always satisfied with the way things are done.

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This is so cute. :-)

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I just love technology! LoL Regardless of your opinion about Occupy Wall Street's have to admit this is a brilliant app!
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