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Kartik Iyer
A nomad with a camera
A nomad with a camera

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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3.

This app is simply awesome:

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Kailash View Camps- Epicness Redefined!

Hello everyone! I'm Kartik, a software engineer from India. I'm currently beginning to get my hands dirty with mobile app development and UX designing. Integrating the knowledge I gain here into my upcoming project is my objective of being here.
PS: If chance permits, I might sometime also teach the skills I gain here to some college undergrads.

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The new app update is definitely better than the previous one. Especially the Lens Blur and new interface are really slick.

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Wow. Such a great potential of fluid design using just three dots. Mesmerized.
I love this animation!
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Is there any possible way we can have a TED hangout? Technology has come up so well. So its probably time we get along. We're TED people.

Angels and VCs in India seem to be living in a "third world" in terms of their risk appetite and appreciation of a new concept or idea. A major part of funding to startups in India goes to clone-the-western-markets companies like Flipkart. In such scenario how does one pitch to a potential investor for a new idea?
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