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Thank you to the fans that have Pomepure juice and just enjoy the authenticity of our products.

From early 2005 with the “POMEPURE'' mission have differentiated itself by another pomegranate juice in the market. This can be achieved through global companies registered and it is 100% pure fruit juice does not contain solvents, artificial flavors, preservatives, added sugar, water additives, colors, flavors, stabilizing, genetically modified organisms or coded-E.
The pomegranate was chosen as the first product based on the evidence for the therapeutic properties of medical awards, the quality of the detention of any disease pomegranate is absorbed in the majority culture.

A pomegranate can provide Vitamin C as much as 40% of the total daily requirement for adults. It contains folic acid which is more than adequate and vitamin A and E and has three times the antioxidant found in red wine and green tea.

With the ever-expanding vision of the brand `POMEPURE ' in Global Markets, we are pleased to have appointed` Gemilang International Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd.' as the exclusive distributor and representative brand to share the same philosophy with us.
By introducing the concept of marketing in the Network Marketing and E-Commerce as a marketing platform in the Asian environment, this will give the appearance of the ”POMEPURE” brand in Asia, together with our partners in the USA and Europe (United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, France , Greece, Italy, Germany) and will be able to benefit and reach consumers around the world.

We always strive to ensure the 'POMEPURE' at the world class quality and superior products. Various methods of the new process were developing on an ongoing basis to ensure that our product has always been at the forefront in bringing the benefits of natural health to the world.

With `POMEPURE' you can be sure of 'PURE'

Rash Nagar
The Pure Juice Company Ltd.
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