My writing has been nonexistent and that's putting it lightly. It seems funny (not haha funny) to me that when the going gets tough the first things to go...are the things you love. The things you find solace in, inspiration and happiness and even a since of air giving, blood pumping life. The old self doubt, nagging feeling that that sentence isn't good enough or doesn't sound like or live up to so and so's writing weighs heavily and poisons the very thing I love so much--that gives me a semblance of peace in the chaos--is tarnished, thrown aside because in my eyes if I can't, I won' I don't. Even the "can't-s" tug away at the already fragile state of other aspects of my life. The reminder to "Keep calm and write" is grounding, but a wistful part of me feels it is not enough. I need a whip cracking person in my life that "kindly" ;) pushes me to write everyday and to open myself up to the possibility of letting them read it. What's a writer to do when they feel they need peer affirmation that what they are writing is worth keeping and continuing?

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