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Let's call it an indefinite hiatus. I'm putting aside comedy music to focus solely on Erfworld.

It's a very difficult thing to do, but there are compelling personal and professional reasons for it. I have resigned my spot as a core member of the Funny Music Project, and I will not be performing or recording at all until 2013 at the soonest. It is possible I will not return to music at all.

I am proud of the FuMP, and proud of the Logan Awards. Both are in good hands, and I know that my many talented friends will carry those banners forward, to the benefit of comedy musicians and fans everywhere.

Thanks to everyone who supported my music over the past 7 years. It was a lot of fun, and I will miss the smiles and laughter.
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I will miss your music, but am glad you've found a project that's really catching on. Thanks for getting the Logan Awards going before you left.
We will always honor your vast contributions to Dementia, Rob. I'm sure this decision WASN'T easy, but I personally wish you nothing but best in the direction you're taking.
I may miss the music, but I'm excited to see what you can do with Erfworld as your sole focus. Good luck!
I feel your pain. I gave up my music career a decade and change ago in order to pursue cartooning. I still miss it, but it's like that hot chick I dated in college who is still single. If I go out with her even ONE TIME now that I'm married I'll just end up making a mess.

So... I don't even flirt with music. She calls to me, but I turn a perfect-relative-pitch-gone-deaf ear to her.
Boop Boopit what? I love Erfworld, don't get me wrong, but no more Party Rob? Follow your bliss, or whatever, like some sort of selfish jerk who found out he was awesome at doing something he loved.

(Also: Awesome! I will miss your music but but this is also win for me. More Erfworld = win. Good luck, and see you in the sideshow!)
Don't quite know how I missed this, but I support your decision, saddening as it may be. See you soon.
Any chance the music hiatus may still allow for "Quest for the Arkentools, Part 2"? or Part 0?
Rob (well, Mr. Balder): Just saw this. Let me say that Erfworld is amazing. I have been a supporter from Erfworld's start (actually from the days of PartiallyClips--I still show folks several of those, Leprechauns and Potter being my favorite) and am a good evangelist--I think it's one of the top webcomics out there. Keep up the good work and thoughts & prayers for Xin's family. I am very much looking forward to the mostly prose prequel.
Wow, that's very brave of you, but I also imagine it will be for the best. Yet, it saddens me a lot when I see a fellow musician stop pursuing music... All the best
The first installment was great. Thanks!
Best of luck to ye, I'm sure the Titans will understand =)