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Happy Birthday Lieutenant Quillstabber!
Many people forget in the midst of all the holiday cheer going on this month that there are other birthdays besides that of a secular deity to celebrate. One such is that of our dear Melinda Skye, or Lieutenant Quillstabber to those of us at the Evil League...

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Time and Time Again
As this is my last post of 2014, I thought it appropriate to talk about the passage of time. A lot of people use this part of the year to look back and see all that's gone on (or all that hasn't...), and make plans for next year. Now, time management is gre...

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I Wrote Stuff! Now What?
Welp, here it is, the first day of December. Go on, you can
freak out for a minute…it's okay. Finished? Good. Moving on, then. What today means (besides only having 30 days left in the
whole of 2014) is that NaNoWriMo is over, and if you were participating,...

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Never Gets Old
Today's post is brought to you by the Discovery Channel , Berroco yarn's newsletter , and viewers like you. (It is also possible I've been watching a little too much PBS programming lately.) "Never gets old, does it?" "Nope." I was going to have this big ph...

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Clean Up Your Mess
YEAH, BABY! First post of November is MINE, which means I get to write
about NaNoWriMo before anyone else here does! Now, I'll keep this short and sweet, because I've got stuff
and things to do, and you've got to get back to your NaNoWriMo wordcount. I've r...

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Why We Can't Have Nice Things
There's been an article going around the writerly circles of the Intarwebz lately about an author who stalked and confronted the person she felt was her "#1 critic." Now, fuck knows why the Guardian chose to publish this particular piece (I personally suspe...

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Happy Birthday, Mama Bitchstress!
Today is a very special day for the Evil League of Evil Writers. Besides our founding anniversary , the anniversary of our beloved co-founder's birth is one of the ELEW's High Holy Days . You think I'm joking, but I'm not. We don't joke here at the ELEW. If...

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Recycled Post: Another Post on Queries - Basic Etiquette
So I'm being lazy today (as I'm still playing catch-up offline, so you're lucky I'm even here right now and found this lovely gem in the archives for your reading pleasure) and offering you a timely recycled post on "how to write a query letter." This is so...

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Cognitive Recalibration
AKA " I hit you really hard in the head. " So Dr. Dina has been very busy this year . The majority of my posts have been recycled material when I remember it's my day to post (I've been averaging one post a month, and that will not do), and that's not reall...

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Retro Evil - A Reintroduction
Here we are...six months into 2014. It's been a wild ride already! The whole month of April we here at the ELEW were raising funds to help our dear Senior Pie Coordinator and Clubhouse Keeper, Julie Butcher, with the monumental medical bills incurred while ...
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