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Now on Google Play and Apple Appstore !

Bringing Math to life!

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+Jean-Baptiste Huynh is live (Spanish) in Montevideo

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+DragonBoxApp is now a Google+ page. Finally. Should have done that years ago!

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If you guys are on reddit and want to add to the discussion!

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A plea.

It's Friday evening, 16th of May, one day before the 200th national day in Norway. 

We should be preparing for the big party !

But we're still working...

We're still working because we haven't cracked the launch of our new game, DragonBox Elements, going out officially on Tuesday.

DragonBox Elements is the second stone in our goal of 5 games to teach the basics of mathematic in under 20 hours.

Most feedback we got from people in the industry is highly positive. 'You've done it again' they say.

Yet you can never be sure. In a world so dependent on virality and PR, what if journalists don't want to talk about it ?

You can help.

The game is available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. Download it. Play it with your kids. Tell us what you think.

And on Tuesday, rate the app, spread the word around you, with your friends and at your job !

If we make it, we're no longer a one hit company. We passed the test. And we will be able to make other great games and change the world.

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Hello #Android  friends,  WeWantToKnow needs your help!

After months of hard work, we are close to releasing our next game, DragonBox Geometry. This game focuses on geometry and mathematical proof and follows the path traced by Euclid, the father of geometry, in his book Elements.

We are looking for Android beta testers.

For more information, see

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GooGru did it!

A few minutes of finger rubbing + the Sugru Google edition fixed a few power supplies that Apple wasn't able to design properly.

Huge thanks to +Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine for the tip and the samples.

I know what to buy for Christmas.

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And 2 more broken apple power supplies. Really crappy design there.

And don't tell me I am not using them properly. I've followed the instructions.

Update: the previous one:

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Cool animal of the day

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DragonBox Algebra 12+ v2.0.1 released today (bug fixes and translations)

and of course Google Play first out.

Yeaah !!!!

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