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Anna Lewis
Web analytics specialist. Blogger and conference speaker, feel free to follow and share tips.
Web analytics specialist. Blogger and conference speaker, feel free to follow and share tips.

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Hi All, anyone interested, or know someone who might be interested in an Ecommerce Analytics role in Portsmouth, Hampshire? Looking for someone to cover my maternity leave, range of skills required but not all essential so we're open to any CVs at this stage. We are also considering consultants/agencies to support this role depending on who we find to cover.
Wiggle's one of the leading UK online bike shops, with a global presence, and we use GA.
Please get in touch with me if you're interested, have CVs or want more information, etc.
anna.lewis @

Thanks everyone for another fantastic MeasureCamp!! Great to see so many keen analytics people and have some really helpful discussions. 

Did anyone get photos of the notes I wrote up in either of the sessions I ran? The sessions were: what actually makes you money and in house analysts. 

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Can't wait to read this!  It looks great +Shelli Walsh 

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Great thoughts on Universal Analytics, totally agree that you really have to plan it well before considering switching. And definitely run in parallel to make sure it's all working perfectly first!
Why I don't recommend completely switching to Universal Analytics

I get lot of emails from people who want to switch back to the old Google Analytics from universal analytics. Their number 1 objection is that UA is creating tracking issues and they can't figure out how to resolve these issues. 

So for example if you switch to universal analytics and you are using a third party shopping cart which is still designed for the old GA then what will happen next,.......your ecommerce tracking may either stop working or it may start producing inaccurate reports.

Lot of people are blindly switching to UA on Google's recommendation without understanding the implications of such a switch.

You need to understand that everything from event tracking, cross domain tracking to ecommerce tracking works differently in UA. So if you make a switch to UA, you then need to change majority of your tracking code like ecommerce tracking code, event tracking code etc and also make sure that it works. Google will not automatically do all these changes for you just because you are now using UA.

Moreover there is not enough support available from Google and other analytics users yet. So if something goes wrong you are pretty much on your own. Also once you completely switched to UA there is no turning back. So if you can't resolve your UA issues, you are pretty much stuck with poor to no tracking. 

So what i recommend is running UA in parallel with GA as long as you can (until Google force the switch on you or until you have tested and sort out all of your UA tracking issues in advance). 

EDIT: According to +Justin Cutroni " Classic Google Analytics won’t go away, but all future enhancements will only be released to Universal Analytics." Source: 

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Love this! The GA magic API script is fantastic for speeding up some complex reporting like this, as well as all the simple stuff :)
How to Analyse, Optimise & Automate Multi-Channel ROI Calculations:

As marketing tactics become more and more complex, the needs of marketing managers and executives to understand and monitor Cost Per Conversion (and ROI) from every channel are increasing.

In her newest post, Polly Prospelova outlines a way to create spreadsheets that automate multi-channel ROI calculations.

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This is great - scripts are a lifesaver in AdWords! Definitely recommend getting started with these ones if you've not used scripts before. 

Can anyone be an absolute hero? I'm looking for a list of things that have caused Google Analytics data to be misreported in some way?

Usually things caused by platforms and browsers not letting the data get through accurately - for example, iOS 6 reporting a lot of organic traffic as direct. I'm sure there are other things, and in the past I've annotated GA with this, but I've moved company and don't have any of these annotations to work from any more. Thanks in advance :)

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I like this, great to see a detailed how-to guide on something so useful for SEO.

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Love this, putting a star wars theme to a classic decoration!

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Having a debate about this topic in the office at the moment, then +Laura Phillips  points out she wrote about it. Good read and good debate!
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