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It's Darwin Day. Evolve!

"150 years on from The Origin of the Species, the subtlety and beauty of Darwin's insight is still revealing itself to us. It describes how our beautiful, complex, tree of life has grown from a once desolate universe.

The chemistry of carbon allows for the existence of a molecule that is able to replicate itself and pass information on from generation to generation. There can be random changes in the structure of that molecule, mutations; and they are tested by their interaction with their environment and other living things. The ones that pass that test, survive, and the ones that fail that test are lost.
The separation and isolation of living things onto islands which may be physical (like madagascar) or just a single branch of a single tree results in speciation; the explosion of living forms; highly specialised to occupy niches within niches...

and this, is the explanation for the diversity of life on earth.

'There is grandeur in this view of life' (as Darwin wrote) and understanding how it happened surely only adds to the wonder.

As precise as Einstein's theories of relativity, and as profound as thermodynamics, Darwin has given us another universal law: evolution by natural selection." 

Wonder's of Life, ep 3.

I have 12,119,040 simultaneously illuminated pixels in front of me (spread across 6 displays with a total surface area of 4192 cm^2).  I can't find a single dead pixel.  LCDs are amazing.  

That said, if I could combine all the pixels into a single display I still wouldn't be able to view an unscaled photo from my camera (which has a CMOS sensor with total surface area of 3.2 cm^2). CMOS sensors are amazing.

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Anthropocene Earth - A thought provoking visualization of global transport networks.

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Haunting... astounding... beautiful...

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Learn what a nanosecond is and how to give it to someone. Grace Hopper is so interesting and hilarious.

Now, some of you think you know what a nanosecond is, but have you held one?

Grace Hopper is a Naval Rear Admiral and a computer science god as she created the first compiler, also she has a Navy Destroyer named after her. #physics #navy

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Best game I've played on a mobile platform so far.

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