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Lutz Hentschel
To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. - Winston Churchill
To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. - Winston Churchill

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Hey everyone! I have been quiet in rescent times because I was really busy. Work is dragging the last of me!

I made it safely back from the US but was busy working most of all the time! Had now 3 days free time and trying to get a new flat in Berlin and to get different stuff together!

So until now my life turned out quite ok, from the sending 30 applications part. The direction is definitely upwards!

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Finding Nemo. On a side note: It's still snowing. 
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Stuck in Farmington with three subs and a blizzard. It's name is nemo.

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My cubical at work in Farmington office.
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Some first expressions about America. So far havong a great and productive time here. Hope next week everything will be fine.
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Just checked in succesfully to my first real business trip experience.

So. Finally ready for my first real business travel to the US. Have made preparations, every train, flight and hostel/hotel is booked. All the waiting pays off after all!

Just had my first visit of Jehovas Wittnesses and I'm already sick of it
... At least, I were able to make fun of them, aswering the phrase 'What would you ask god' with the short question 'How do I get rid of you?'

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New karate-belt? Check!

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And on a whole different topic: Happy Christmas Time ahead, so one of the best songs ever written on the topic of Christmas for all of you: Gary Glitter - Another Rock n' Roll Christmas
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