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HeidiTown is the place for festival & road trip stories.
HeidiTown is the place for festival & road trip stories.

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Great news for #Colorado. What's the best meal you've ever eaten in Colorado?

#foodie #TopChef #Denver #Boulder #Telluride #FoodNetwork

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NEW POST: Today's #TravelTuesday post highlights 14 years of our anniversary trips in and around #Colorado. We did get on a plane once. Find out where we've gone and start planning your next getaway!

#travel #roadtrips #theWest #VisitColorado #VisitUtah #VisitMoab #ThatsWY #HifromSD #NewMexicoTRUE 

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Happy Spring!

It's supposed to reach 80 degrees on Colorado's Front Range today, but here's a good reminder from the HeidiTown Archives.

"Colorado spring weather is like a box of chocolates; you just never know what you’re going to get. I have experienced this time and time again while traveling Colorado."

#roadtrips #festivals #TheWest

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NEW POST: This new entertainment venue in +Visit Longmont Colorado isn't just for kids. In fact, the food is top-notch. Learn more in today's #HeidiTown post.

#TheWildGame #LOCO #Longmont #Colorado 

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Who will be joining me in +GoBreck for the Breckenridge Spring Beer Festival on April 8? I'll be there with bells on! Because.... BEER!

#roadtrips #festivals #beerfest #BreckBecause

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Mayor of HeidiTown, Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer, announces annexation of six states.

HeidiTown, Colorado, March 13, 2017 - The Mayor of HeidiTown, Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer, has announced a growth plan that involves the annexation of six states surrounding Colorado.

HeidiTown was founded in 2007 and experienced major growth in 2010. In the past seven years, it has become a well-respected source of online information about Colorado festivals and travel. While the brand has a presence on numerous social media platforms, the heart of HeidiTown is the website,

On March 10, 2017, Kerr-Schlaefer announced on that HeidiTown is annexing parts of Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico.

“This was inevitable,” says Kerr-Schlaefer. “I’ve been covering Colorado festivals and destinations nearly nonstop for seven years. I believe it’s the right time to branch out into nearby states.”

HeidiTown’s primary focus will continue to be on festivals and road trips.

“If you can’t get to a destination by car within a day from the Denver area, it won’t be included,” says Kerr-Schlaefer.

Over the last seven years, HeidiTown has helped festivals grow, including the Annual Biergarten Festival in Morrison and the Estes Park Winter Festival.

“By publicizing startups like Estes Park Winter Festival, The 1940s Ball and various beer festivals, I helped put these festivals on the map and in turn became the go-to resource for Colorado festival information,” says Kerr-Schlaefer.

“I am so excited to introduce HeidiTown citizens to new festivals and new destinations, and I look forward to helping these festivals and destinations find a new audience in HeidiTown citizens,” she added.

While Colorado will always be the heart and soul and main attraction of HeidiTown, the expansion into new states allows Kerr-Schlaefer to keep things fresh for HeidiTown citizens and provides an opportunity for the Mayor to explore new events and new places.

This expansion also means more opportunities for festival and destination marketing collaborations to take place between HeidiTown, festival organizers and destination marketing organizations in six additional states. It also means growth in the town’s population by adding citizens in the form of followers on social media platforms and readers of

In addition to HeidiTown, Kerr-Schlaefer is a freelance writer and the Western Destinations blogger for Mountain Living magazine’s The Heidi Guide. She is also the co-owner of Ryan Schlaefer Fine Furniture, Inc.

For additional information about the subject of this press release, please contact Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer at The or call (970) 213-2354.

Photo: Rendezvous Festival at +Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Used with permission.

#festivals #roadtrips #TheWest #VisitColorado #ThatsWY #NewMexicoTRUE #VisitUtah #KSBucketList #VisitNebraska #HiFromSD


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Happy #TravelTuesday! Here's a NEW POST that is guaranteed to help your next #roadtrip be better than the last. Advice from an expert.

#travel #travelplanning #tripplanning 

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BIG NEWS: HeidiTown Annexes 6 States

#ThatsWY #NewMexicoTRUE #VisitUtah #KSBucketList #VisitNebraska #HiFromSD

Pictured: Savor the Summit, Park City, Utah

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I will be speaking about the "Importance of Tourism & How to become an Advocate for Your Town” at the BRAND NEW #SOCOTourismSummit in La Junta in May. I am excited to help this beautiful, yet relatively unknown, corner of #Colorado spread the word about their tourism offerings.

On a side note, the day I'm speaking is also my 15th wedding anniversary, so I'm dragging Ryan along so we can seal a decade and a half of marital bliss with a kiss at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site. :-)

#SOCOTourism #tourism #tourismmatters

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