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stream of consciousness
Hey all, Ok anyone who reads this. Today is Sunday January something.  I'm currently debating going to church. Do I go. do I not? hmm. I still have time to decide.  I am home alone. no fam around. no friends. Just me and the meow. Who am I kidding? I don't ...

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Write it down??
This Holiday season has been good, it has been bad.  Mostly It has been hard.  I have told all of the internet world that I am in trauma recovery.  I am in intense EMDR/ trauma processing therapy.  I am also in stage 2 DBT therapy for my general mental heal...

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I was visiting with Tree last week and she said something that I may have taken offense at. No, offense is not the correct word. Perhaps, pesky is more apropos. We were talking about therapy assignments and the grating nature of them in-general.  I was sayi...

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Feeling Feels blech.....
Okay. So Daily Grace is one of my new favorite youtbers.  She is teaching me to cook. Yeah so shout out there. All righty down to business. I am in a confusing, odd duckish, emo place, right now. I have told all of you folks that stop by here. (Yes, I know ...
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