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Star Wars
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Georgous views in Monument Valley
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From George Takei

This is "Pun-ishment" smile 
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Radek Gadek

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There's been some talk about the Netflix offer no longer being available. I just ordered a Chromecast at the Best Buy website and the 3-month Netflix offer was still available.

I even have a receipt email stating I purchased the Chromecast and a Netflix Complimentary 3 Month Subscription - [Digital Download Add-On] 

I haven't received the Netflix code, yet. I suspect I will receive it once I pick up Chromecast from Best Buy. The reason I say "pick up" is because the shipping offer is not available at this time.

Hope this helps some of you.
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I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates
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What do you think about this image that shows what happens in an "internet minute"? #google + #socialmedia

Found this image on Facebook.
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An awe inspiring panoramic view at Badlands National Park. 
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While nothing can compare to Yellowstone's geothermal features, we found the wildlife aspect to be better at Custer. The animals didn't look as haggard. The roads weren't lined with cars and tourists weren't chasing the buffalo with cameras.
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Just picked this baby up from Best Buy after waiting for it to ship to store.

Soon after pickup, I got an email to redeem the Netflix offer.

Great job #bestbuy
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+Rainer Paskiewicz I bought it when they still had the offer AND this email came only when I physically picked the item up, therefore ending the transaction chain. Also, check your spam. Hope you get it soon.
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With the Edward Snowden fiasco and the #nsagate  not in a distant past, I figured I would appease my readers with an article on NSA's internal police department.

Many of you wanted to know what the #NSA #Police #Officers do. Now you know.
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With Beijing's air being so dangerous for human consumption, no wonder...
Artist makes air-filtering bicycle for riding in Beijing.

Beijing-based UK artist Matt Hope made this "Breathing Bike" for riding around the city of Beijing, China, without choking on air pollution.

The bike has a pedal-powered air filter on the back, and a helmet that doubles as a filtered-air intake.

A different picture of the bike was today's Mystery Pic. Props to
+Paul Lockhart for being first with the right answer!
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Having good #credit when looking for #criminaljustice #careers is especially important. If you're looking to apply to a police department or a #lawenforcement agency, you should make sure your credit is as good as can be.
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