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South Fork Stillaguamish River, Winter
Image ID d20170102140724_hdr
The South Fork Stillaguamish River winds along the Mountain Loop Highway near the road closure gate at Deer Creek Road. The sun breaking through the clouds behind the mountains warms the sky, but not the land.

See for more details.

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#PNW #PacificNorthwest #MountainLoopHighway #Stillaguamish #mountains #Washington #sony #sonya7r
#MyTownTuesday +Melanie Kintz

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Location, location, location.

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Deadman's Cove, Green Water
Image ID d20160728161224
A view from the beach of Deadman's Cove in Cape Disappointment State Park on Washington's coast.
See more details at

+Landscape Photography
#Oregon #PacificOcean #Cove

+Google Play +Google

G+ world,

I ordered a Pixel XL, 128GB, Very Silver phone on 2016-10-05. The order was subsequently cancelled by Google (see below). Has this happened to any of you?

1. I placed the order through the Google Store
2. The order was declined by my credit card as possibly being fraudulent
3. I contacted my credit card company and lifted the hold immediately
4. The credit card company told me to talk to the vendor to reinstate the charge
5. I called the Google Store, explained what had happened, and asked for the charge to be reinstated
6. The Google Store employee assured me that the order was correctly placed
7. A week later the order auto-cancelled because Google did in fact not reinstate the charge

I did everything I was required to do to correctly place this order. Google did not.

The Google Store help folks are refusing to escalate the issue. I would simply like the issue to be fixed, such as an email warning to the consumer before cancellation, but support will not escalate my issue.

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My bookmark list is old. Organized, but with so much history I bet I could find a link to Mosaic (remember Mosaic?). I dread going back through all of those bookmarks, cleaning them up. Enter the Stash AI Librarian. Check it out here:

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Oceanside Sea Stacks at Sunset
Image ID d20140807200826
The setting sun shines behind the sea stacks off of Maxwell Point at Oceanside, Oregon.

#ThirstyThursdayPics by +Giuseppe Basile
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I love the Topaz filters. Check them out.

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Ann Lake, Maple Pass Trail, Fallen Tree
Image ID d20150926144852
Ann Lake nestles below the mountains of Maple Pass near Rainy Pass along Wahsington's Highway 20 in North Cascades National Park. Taken from the Maple Pass trail. The Highway 20 valley is in the distance.

+Landscape Photography Community +Landscape Photography
#MaplePass #NorthCascadesNationalPark #mountains #AnnLake #RainyPass #Washington
#landscapephotography #photography #beautifulplaces #naturephotography

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South Fork Stillaguamish River, Long Mountain
Image ID d20151230150931
The South Fork Stillaguamish River flows along Washington's Mountain Loop Highway. The low sun lights up Long Mountain while casting the trees along the river in shadow.

+Landscape Photography Community +Landscape Photography +Mountain Photos #river #mountain #MountainLoopHighway


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The trash can outside of a snow park bathroom. Do we really need the warning?
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