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Poetry Competition with all proceeds going towards this worthwhile cause. Small, privately funded prizes and the chance to have your work published. Just set this up, so it's early days, but hoping this will be of interest to writers/writing communities as well as the general public.

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The Amateur Obsessive
"You must be keen," the driver said when hauling yet another bag of compost from the boot of his taxi. Placing it on my steps I told him that indeed I was, I'd already been busy in the garden that day, in fact I'd started not long after 4am. Okay, so I didn...

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Ten Questions For You (And Only Ten.)

I'd like to ask some questions. Simple questions to help me formulate something running in my mind at the moment. It's totally unrelated to work, or even to what I normally write about here. But your answers may have a significant bearing on a "Pied Piper" idea that has been floating in my mind all day. (A few of you will get the reference).

All I can tell you is that it could be a game changer; it would be significant, and it's something everyone in America (and in the world) could do, and use.

Care to spare a few moments giving me your input? No pressure. I'll understand if not.

1. If you knew you could change someone's life for the better, simply by pushing a button on a phone, would you do it?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10,  one being rarely if ever, and ten being as often as you can, what number would tell us how much you like problem-solving? What number would indicate your interest in solving a problem quickly and instantly?

3. If given the choice, would you say you usually are a take-charge person, or someone who might sit on the sidelines and assess the situation/emergency/problem for some time before acting?

4. Let's say you are in a room with forty strangers, and it's one of those events where you have to stand and introduce yourself. Thinking again of 1 to 40, at what number do you stand? Pick an exact number for purposes of this exercise.

5. If you are are in room full of friends and family, or let's say you're in a #HIRL  with Google+ friends, would your friends/family/plussers say that you are an introvert or an extrovert? And would you try and change that perception if you thought that was wrong? Right there, on the spot?

6. On a scale of 1 to 10 again, and being honest with yourself, let's say you discover a $10m cache of gold coins (like that couple in California). The courts have later decided: the money is entirely yours. What do you do with your ten million dollars? Do you have a plan?

7. True or False: I would consider myself a "giver" or a "sharer." It's in my blood, it's something I like to do, and it's something I consider part of my moral compass.

8. True or False. I use my smart phone often. Heck, some people say I live on it, and yes, maybe once or twice, at the end of a long, drunken night, I may have even used it as a ... ( pillow, or, insert item here).

9. Think of WHO you are. Think hard about your childhood, and your past; your upbringing, your parents, your career path, your education - the overall path of your life. Did something or someone  alter that path in any way for you? In your mind, did anything  alter who you are today? What was it?

10. Lastly, do you believe in "game-changing" ideas, or apps, or things that affect our lives? Thinking of a broad concept like this, and talking solely about yourself, would you say that in the overall scheme of life, you're more likely to be a believer, or a skeptic?

That's it. Ten questions. I am sure, knowing my incredible G+ friends here, that something great can come from this idea. And I will share it down the road with you all, but this is my very own Shibboleth test (again, a few of you may get that reference). From this, I hope to bring a few more people on board for something that is crazy exciting! Stay tuned...

#bigidea   #gamechanger   #thetest  

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Mind Control
(Part) fiction: It was another wet day in summer and
the clocks were striking lateness, lethargy and all other abstract concepts beginning with (h)ell. 1984 had been and gone, and thirty
years on, I wished to return to the time when Orwell first penned his

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I didn't see him at first. I only heard his music. Three Steps to Heaven ( too far ) across the aisle of the bus. An aging Arthur Seaton in brown suede jacket and jeans, he looked half asleep or half cut. Head forward, knees up, hair not quite rockabilly - ...

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Helpful suggestions for those stuck in a writing rut. This makes a lot of sense.
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