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social conservatives hate human macroevolution, social liberals hate human microevolution
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Not clear on your distinction between macro versus micro in this case. Time scales?
macroevolution is what paleontologists study. microevolution is what pop gen is all about. more, or less :-)
But effectively that's really just time scales, right?
that is my opinion. but a minority of biologists disagree. it's the "scale independence of evolution" argument.
more specifically, geneticists would probably say it is just time scales. paleontologists are more likely to disagree. who would you trust? :-)
My own very strong leaning: The paleontologists remind me of microscope biologists when electron microscopes came along or both those groups when microfluidic devices and nanopore DNA sequencers came along. Reductionism is the way forward! I trust the reductionist geneticists over the old guard.
as a social liberal I hate the misuse of microevolution to support racism and crappy diets.
classy, name calling! and you're not descended from a monkey either.