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people ask me semi-personal things via facebook and email a lot in terms of what i don't say about myself. this is especially common for non-westerners for some reasons (their names and usage of english obvious indicators). i know people are curious, it's human nature. but if i omit, it's cuz it's none of your business. though the few readers of my weblog that i've met are strangely always shocked when i mention stuff which has never shown up on the internet in regards to my life.
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ha, try being a brown female. tons more personal emails, tons more requests for photos or worse. almost all of it courtesy of non-western males :S
This is only an observation of one, but I feel the design of facebook encourages this. I think displaying every minor interaction with others encourages a level and kind of openness that is unhealthy. You can tidy up your end, but for the most part the environment is the same.
gordon, i don't post anything personal on fb. just an fyi.
I never get asked random personal questions by strangers, but I do get hit on. Go figure.
Razib, I figured as much. But on most people's walls every previous interaction is recorded by default (I believe this has been replaced by the ticker now). I think this creates/nurses certain expectations.
Are we going to develop a single world standard for what's proper to say and ask?
Randall, I suspect that we will eventually. Just as regional differences are present in the US but slowly are converging.