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several ppl have emailed me about @23andMe new TOS, etc. might post on this....
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Yeah, that was a curious move on their part?! I've influenced maybe 50 people to get tested with them, but am not comfortable with this latest move on their part...
Most of my kits I've kept at the V2 level, as I thought there was no great value add to upgrading, I'm waiting for Full Genome scanning now, and if PGP-1000 hurry up, I should have mine for free soon enough. I'm also a part of Irish DNA Atlas - - and they are analyzing my genome for free also.
I was away and wondered what is up with 23andme? I too have bought kits for all my family members and would not like there data to go away if they stop paying.And Paul, on another note I have many relatives from Ireland. My great great is buried in Derry. I visited the grave a few years ago. So the Irish DNA Atlas link was fascinating. thanks