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100 miles
There comes a time to push. And there comes a time to let
the soul rest.   I’ve been in rest
mode since the beginning of the year. Currently? I’m pushing. And I know
exactly what is driving me to do so.             My
April goal? The month of my 4 year anni...

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we are alike.
I’m hot, sweaty and I stink. My ears and lungs are burning.
I just got back from a run on this beautiful 55* November day. (should I be
running?! Some say it’s bad for my joints and I’ll regret it when I'm older?? I’ll need
to google that later…) I’ll never...

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My rebuttal to the editor of The New York Daily Post:
My rebuttal to the editor of The New York Daily Post: I don’t want to make assumptions, however with the brazen
remarks made on the cover of your magazine, I’m taking it that you do not
consider yourself a Christian person? (Please forgive me if I’m wrong a...

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I am becoming.   Becoming what,
you may ask? I don’t know. But I’m ok with it. There are a few things that I do
know. I am more comfortable in my own skin now than I ever have been.   I have fine lines and occasional breakouts
(try finding a face wash for w...

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Life.... It just got real.
My kids are small. I work part time and I am nearing the
need to go full time, life is crazy and busy. Robbie and I have been married
for 10 years and it’s not always easy. I’m nearing 31 and my expectations are
too high….   Life is not a walk in the park. ...

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Remaining faithful
I completed my 4 th half marathon in September. It
was pain free!! But I ran very tentatively. My slowest pace yet, but also one
of my proudest runs. :o) I had the honor of running with my aunt- who says I
inspire her?! Give me a break. She is the inspirati...

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Something amazing happened today....

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