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1007. I love my Self.....!
Upanishad says, “Atmanastu Kamaya Sarvam Priyam Bhavati”(It is only due to the
love for one’s self that everything else becomes dear). This is once such wonderful
observation by the Rishi Yagnavalkya about Mind Psychology. Everyone loves

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1006. Which part of the body is important???
A mother of a college
going young man asked him, “Which according to you is the most important part
of the body???” The youngster was puzzled
by this question from his mother and tried to take a guess at what he thought would
be the correct answer.   As he ...

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1005. Turn Around Time (TAT) of Sri Hari.....!
Turn Around Time (TAT) in the computing world it is the total time   taken between the submission of a
program for execution and the return of the complete output to the user. This
TAT is sum total of waiting time and execution time. Not only in the computi...

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1004. Education Wealth and Health....!
Vidhya (Education), Sampat
(Wealth), and Swasthya (Health) are the three important essentials which we
yearn for, but the worth of each of them depends on the way it is used. First let us take education:  “Vidhya Dadati Vinayam” says a Shubhashitam.
The mea...

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1003. Parents-Children Bond....!
Parents have children
and nurtured them to be a better human first. What is the criterion to be
“Better Human”??? To be a better human is to put others first and self last. It
naturally comes to be empathetic as they grow with nature, in nature everything

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1002. Sanatana Dharma.....!
Sanatana Dharma is a way of life. It does not endorse any particular Dharma or a Deity nor does it speak about ritualistic worship. It is a system which has no founder or a philosopher, but its logic and reasoning is based on Vedas which are timeless Truth ...

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1001. Sharing is a Religious Act.....!
Once Yudhisthira questioned Sri Krishna,
“Is it possible for a seeker to attain heaven without performing any kind austerities?” The reply to this question by Sri Krishna in a
very profound if it is understood to the core. He says thus:    “Annadau Jaladasc...

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1000. Observe the Inner to get the Outer revealed!!!!
Sir James Hopwood Jeans
(1877), the British physicist, astronomer and mathematician searching for the origin
of the universe finally said, “Universe begins to look more like a great
thought than like a great machine.” But earlier to him, Sir Isaac Newton (1...

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999. Saviour always.........!
A mother is cradling her infant by humming a lullaby. The cradle moves to and fro every time she pushes and pulls it. The too and fro movement is to induce sleep to the infant inside the cradle. The pushing and pulling of the cradle by the mother along with...

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998. The Diamond Crown!!!!
Thirunarayanapuram (Melukote), the pilgrimage center in Mandya district Karnataka was glittering the whole yesterday night on the occasion of Vairamudi Utsava. The Moola Virat (Principle Deity) of the place is Sri Cheluvarayaswamy, the Utsava Murthy (Proces...
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