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Can't wait to start using Google+ Hangouts with +iOppose! We're planning on doing conferences with people around the world on how we as a society can help prevent sexual abuse and exploitation. We'd love to hear your ideas as well.

Hope you'll be there!
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There is one main thing I can think of - and it would make a huge difference. Parents should stop letting the Internet be the babysitter. No child should ever EVER be allowed to use the internet without adult supervision. Seriously - I know it sounds draconian - but I also know what kids do on the internet (internet cafe owner)
+Andrew Jones-McGuire Good advice. And with kids getting on the internet earlier and earlier, it's something parents might not think about right away. Especially with all the mobile technology out there (phones, iPods, etc).
Exactly - where this mentality that all kids should be given mobile phones came from I really don't know. Kids with mobile phones are in general the most disrespectful little shits! I have yet to meet a kid or teenager that actually has a conversation with an adult without texting someone else at the same time. It's a lot more difficult to monitor what your kids are doing online and offline when they have their own mobile phone - which no doubt the ridiculous human rights laws will say something rubbish along the lines of "it's their personal space and it's wrong to deprive them of it". My generation (I'm only 30) grew up without mobile phones and in general without the internet - we actually went out and did things like build tree-houses and stuff.
+Andrew Jones-McGuire Would you want to participate in a Hangout at some point? It might be interesting to get a perspective from an internet cafe owner.
Great, I'll add you to a special circle for people interested and we'll figure out a day/time later that works for both of us. Thanks!
Dee Lee
How can we participate? We are a nonprofit working in mainly in factories in China. Rights of female workers are one of our focuses.
Would like to help. Little behind on circles and hangouts. Let me know what you need
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