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I just got my inbound certification +HubSpot 

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Office Jokes, Office Fun, Funny Office Jokes, Boss Jokes, Employee Jokes
Office Jokes   -The CEO returned from lunch in a good mood and called the whole staff in
to listen to a couple of jokes he had picked up on Friday. Everybody, laughed uproariously except on girl. What's the matter? Grumbled the boss. Haven't you got a sens...

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Funny Pictures, Funny WhatsApp Images, Funny WhatsApp Pictures
Funny Pictures  

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Funny Images, Funny Animals, Cool Images, Funny WhatsApp Images
Funn y Images      

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LOL Blonde Jokes, Crazy Blonde, Funny Blonde
Funny Blonde In Desert A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette were all lost in the desert.  They
found a lamp and rubbed it.  A genie popped out and granted them each one
wish.  The redhead wished to be back home. Poof! She was back home.  The
brunette wish...

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Blonde Answers, Funny Blonde
Funny Blonde Q/As Q: What does a blonde and a beer bottle have in common?  A: They're both empty from the neck up.            Q: What do you call 10 blondes standing ear to ear?
A: A wind tunnel.      Q: How did the blonde try to kill the bird?  A: She thre...

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Funny Insults - What is the minimum area with maxim um decoration..   .....   ....   . ..   ..   .   A Girl's Face. - Cab Driver to the Lady :     Driver- The $2 tip u gave me is an insult to me     Lady- Then how much should I tip u?     Driver- Atle ast $...

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Funny Husband Wife
Funny Husband - Wife If Husband is the head of the family,  Then what's wife.. . . . . . . Answer- Neck of th e family. Why?? . . . . Think... . . . . Because she can turn the head anywhere.    Quo te Of The Day: Nothing is impossible for Men & Women If.. ....

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Kids Jokes
Jokes For Kids - A history joke    

Q. Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?    

A. Because there were so many knights! - Teacher: You aren't paying attention to me. Are you having trouble hearing?     Student : No, teacher I'm havi...
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