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Here to Game (Role play that is)
Here to Game (Role play that is)

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Patrick Runningwolf

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Here's Halbert Dyntae...

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Introducing Judd MacSeoin

Some back ground on Cziltang Brone;
Cziltang Brone: B-866973-B G Ri

Aspinal Lowport

Size: 7,997 miles
Gravity: 1 G
Containing one continent and several small islands
6 Major mountain ranges and two lesser ranges
The Karakoram stand 28,251.31 feet at its highest on Mt Haraz, the lowest of the lesser, the Hunter range, standing 4,686.188 feet on Mount Tuatara.
There are several arid lands, the great Tungusta plains, a land full of rock, strangled shrub and not much else where temperatures are on average 15 degrees hotter than anywhere else on the planet in full day sun, the Sibera, mostly sand and rock, to the south the Ralpur drylands, a low open plain with low shrubs and trees renowned for its wet season where it burst forth with all manner of life, the Pantuung steppes, full of tussock type flora and finally the Low Forge Desert, sand, sand and sand for as far as the eyes can see. Cziltang Brone has no permanent ice caps at either end of the planet; there is seasonal variance during each’s winter where a polar cap forms, usually 3- 4oo miles from each pole.
Cziltang Brone is covered in many familiar forms of plant life from algae and fungi to flowers and trees. Some of the more spectacular are the giant Venus Fly trap like Mascune plants that stand about 2.5 yards tall and have been known to consume smaller, weaker mammals to the flowering Haracort tress found in the Ralpur drylands. These stand a single grey trunk with barb like protuberances until the rainy season and then burst forth into a singular column of massively flowering stands about 5 yards tall that attract much of the insect and small animals that feed off these. There is also the Slither vine and Astnut weed that is present across Cziltang Brone. In the dryer zones, the Puff flowers and Canteen root are known to have saved many a lost wanderer, providing you know where to find it. In the oceans near the coasts, there is a plethora of sea plant life from the floating masses of Gelweed, the Starwand and Slickkelp. One needs to be careful during the seeding month of the Faerae Pine in Celtea due to the hallucinagenic qualities of said spores.
Many of the plants have medicinal purposes, the Snapvine, when chewed has a mild sedative effect, and the processed plant pulp of the Ledna cone is shown to provide broad-spectrum antiseptic properties.
While Cziltang Brone has no land active volcanic zones the seabed is full of them, particularly near the western shores.

Atmosphere: Standard
There is the typical seasonal variance on Cziltang Brone and it experiences the usual four seasons. The planet weather system produces predictable weather effects with the exception in the Low Forger Deserts where there is a high occurrence during the summer months of electrical storms and electrical discharges making this a dangerous time for travellers in this area. One benefit is during these strikes the metals that cause this increase of strikes is exposed and can be mined for its conducting ability, which is usually shipped to High Forge.
The sky of Cziltang Brone is usually a soft blue-grey. During early winter, it has a subtle change towards purple-grey.
Cloud cover is average for this size planet with a standard atmosphere and roughly 60 % hydrographics.
At 0 degrees latitude the temperature averages around 89.6 F (32 C), except in the desert drylands where it can increase between 8 to 15 degrees and fall the same at night. Roughly for each 12 degrees change on longitude there is a drop or increase of 12.8 degrees F (4.5 degrees C). During summer / winter, the polar region temperature changes 10 degrees F.
The most humid region is the Ralpur region during the rainy season at 96%. Coastal areas have on average a 70 to 90 % humidity while dryer areas fall to below 40%. Wing based fauna are not native to Cziltang Brone; the most airborne would be the flying squirrel like Quills or winged insects.

Water: 60%
The ocean bodies of water range from soft aqua blue to deep purple grey depending on the depth of water. The lakes tend to be a blue to green colour.
The deepest point on the planet is in the eastern ocean off Ocanee where it has been recorded at over 38,000 feet in what is known as the Mvula Trench. The sea floor is covered in many volcanic active cones. As such, it is a draw card for many scientists. There is also several sites within the Mvula trench that suggest ruins of some sort.
The fauna in the ocean ranges for Arrow fish, (small 2 inch primitive fish), to the huge Bullfish at some 30 feet long, weighing in at over 4000lbs. There are varied lifeforms from huge Seal snails, molluscs to the Titan ammonites (over 2 yards in diameter) to shellfish, Starpus (five-limbed cephalopods), and the graceful Wing fish to a variety of crustacean. Unlike Terra, no land-based animals are seen to have any sea-based equivalent.
Cziltang Brone experience tides and a King tide is present every 40 standard months as Inos has its closest approach.

Population: 6,671,059,327 on planet, 1,278 on the moon Inos, 5,996,120 on Mazicane, 22,622 on Turiacas, 13,821 in the Stargems belt, Eris has 395, Dis has 7,821, Nocturne 622.
The eight prime cultural bases that have colonised Cziltang Brone are; Ukrainian, Dutch, Irish, Indian, Egyptian, American Indian, Maori, Mongolian. Their respective states are; Lutsk, Haarlem, Celtea, Gujarat, Mut, Nakota, Rehoku, Baruun. The last group are a number of cities collectively known as the Free City States of Four ; Hub City, Coast City, Iss, and High Forge.
Population: Lutsk- 1,018,987,720, Haarlem- 977,551,201, Celtea- 500,231,017, Gujarat- 1,097,001,842, Mut- 1,175,103,010, Nakota- 610,134,915, Baruun- 1,075,501,625, Rehoku 200,818,156. (Hub – 13,718,987, Coast- 5,980,110, Iss- 4,019,890, High Forge- 2,000,880) Personnel at Aspinal Lowport: 8,000, Aspinal Upport: 850
Religions; Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Neo Calvinism, Roman Catholic Church, Jainism, Muslim, Native American Church (Peyote way), Buddhism, Ratana Church, Unitarian Universalism, Neopagan, Taoism, Post Modern Shintoism.
Over the past 2,000 years Cziltang Brone has been colonised by Solomani, during the beginning of the Third Imperium Cziltang Brone had become a member of the Imperium. During the recent wars between Imperial and Solomani forces, Cziltang Brone was used as a staging post and supply depot by the Imperium; this in turn required that its then C starport be upgraded to a B class port. Since this time, Cziltang Brone has enjoyed an influx of visitors and trade.

Government; Balkanised
The Worlds Government is in Miami Keys, a small town specifically built to house the world Council, made up of 10 representative from each faction. The city itself holds around 60,000 beings and in the chambers, this balkanised planet attempts to forge its future.
Each ‘nation’ has offices here to also meet and make treatise with offworlders, once the Council has ratified them. The Council do not have much veto unless the proposed treaty can be clearly shown to break the Eco Act Accords of 289, which are a set of rules to ensure that no nation can harm the ecosphere, and therefore the other worlds inhabitants, in their undertakings.
At present, the High Counsellor elect is Dierdan Clark, a native of High Forge. She is a formidable leader and has proven her worth many times already, lately between the disputes among the nations of Lutsk and Gujarat.

Law Level; 3
While this level means that all nations limit weapons of a strict military nature to their own military or the world army there are some minor variances. It is known in Iss that the law level is closer to 2 and in High Forge the law level is closer to 1. As usual, there are always ways to purchase unlawful items, if one has the contacts and money to do so.
While the law level informs outsiders of what the planet finds acceptable from a weapons point of view, there are of course many other laws. Most follow fairly standard laws ;
Personal Crimes – “Offenses against the Person”: These are crimes that result in physical or mental harm to another person. Personal crimes include:

False Imprisonment
Homicide – crimes such as first and second degree, murder, and involuntary manslaughter, and vehicular homicide
Rape, statutory rape, sexual assault and other offenses of a sexual nature

Property Crimes – “Offenses against Property”: These are crimes that do not necessarily involve harm to another person. Instead, they involve an interference with another person’s right to use or enjoy their property. Property crimes include:

Larceny (theft)
Robbery (theft by force) – Note: this is also considered a personal crime since it results in physical and mental harm.
Burglary (penalties for burglary)
False pretenses
Receipt of stolen goods.

Inchoate Crimes – “Inchoate” translates into “incomplete”, meaning crimes that were begun, but not completed. This requires that a person take a substantial step to complete a crime, as opposed to just “intend” to commit a crime. Inchoate crimes include:

Attempt – any crime that is attempted like “attempted robbery”

Statutory Crimes – A violation of a specific state or federal statute and can involve either property offenses or personal offense. Statutory crimes include:

Alcohol-related crimes such as drunk driving (DUI)
Selling alcohol to a minor.

Crimes are often classified according to the level of seriousness, such as the distinction between felony and misdemeanor crimes. Generally, the differences are:

more serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping and robbery
Carries a year or more in state prison
Less serious crimes such as shoplifting or a DUI
Usually carries a fine and jail sentence of less than a year, if at all.

The legal system on Cziltang Brone follows a trail by peers’ model, each nation having its own penal system, usually with a focus on rehabilitation, the serious or repeat offenders being sent off world to Inos or Dis to work off their sentence there. The only crime that is punishable by death is mass murder.

Tech Level: B
The city of Iss operates at an A level while the city of High Forge operates at a C level. The nation of Nakota choose what pieces of technology they engage with and range from 1 to B.
There are a number of major corporations of Cziltang Brone: Virtoos Inc., Airgead Finances, KhoolKunhs L.L.C, Vantaznhi, Kampyootar Corp, Moana Fisheries, Algabat, Moonstar Media, and High Forge Smelts.
The various companies and corporations, as much as possible in line with the Eco Act accords, recycle all old tech.

Next: a closer look at the various Star and spaceports in the Cziltang system.

XP for tonights game (4-4-17 NZT) 403 each for the fight with the Dark Queen and another 50 for working how to get past the traps.

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Slightly closer look at the area around Aspinal Downport

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Final Final cover sheet to the Portdusters game. The game opens at the funeral of a team mate, Tau Rasihdi...

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