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Vishnu Murthy
Develop and execute an agenda to enable entrepreneurship. I blog at
Develop and execute an agenda to enable entrepreneurship. I blog at

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Demonetisation of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes sucks
Demonetisation sucks! (a) If as reports suggest, only about 6% of illegal money is in cash in Indian rupee notes, it is a relatively small irritation to the cheaters; (b) the collateral damage to honest or relatively so citizens of a primarily cash based so...

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I watched Cowspiracy a few weeks back. They also have a website - I stopped eating beef and drinking milk the next day. That was mainly so I could take longer showers! Earlier I was careful about conserving water. After I learnt that to produce a litre of milk some 600 litres of water was needed and a similar amount for enough beef to make a hamburger patty (apart from many other interesting facts) it was an easy decision. I also reduced my animal protein intake from 7 days a week to every alternate day - also environmental reasons (see From tomorrow, I will have animal protein (and that too seafood only) once a week when I am not travelling and try and find good whole food plant foods when I am. This last is because of this video. I have watched quite a few videos on stuff like this but was not motivated before. However the mounting evidence has motivated me. Sharing in the hope that this is of use to you as well. Vishnu

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Good for them and good of you Ashish, to write about it. Wish there were more in the audience. Vishnu

Came across Factly a few weeks back when I read their posts on
This outfit is doing some much needed work, on topics that are relevant and doing ti very well.

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Confirms my view of Deepak C. I watched a documentary on him that should have cast him in a good light but came away thinking he was just an eloquent version of a crass godman. This link (and the second part) have done nothing to change my opinion. Vishnu

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Just watched "Five Broken Cameras". A top documentary that left me disturbed and sad. There must be a solution that works.

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If you have not seen a movie called Kumare, do.
Enough said.

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The first post-killing edition of Charlie Hebdo is due today. Thought I would post this link. May the world learn from such attacks.
Another thought: There is a lot that has been done but a lot that we can all (not just the governments) do to improve tolerance and to reduce the number of extremists. 
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