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Headed to Beijing for all of April with the kids and wife and time to write

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A tribute to Alice Berger, a research student lost too soon
A personal tribute from Alice’s PhD
supervisors at UCL This week we learned the sad and
shocking news of Alice Berger’s passing. As Alice’s PhD supervisors at the
Institute of Archaeology, UCL, we extend our deepest sympathies to her family
and friends. Ali...

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Early Rice Project symposium last week
Last week we hosted in London a symposium for the Early Rice Project,  Investigating the evolution and impact of rice cultivation through the later prehistory of monsoon Asia . We brought in colleagues and collaborators on the archaeology of India, Southeas...

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Mesolithic cereal trade in Europe?
This week's Science includes in ancient sedimentary DNA study by Oliver Smith, Robin Allaby and colleagues from sediments from an archaeological site sealed beneath the English Channel, with evidence that wheat was decomposing on this Mesolithic site 8000 y...

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Younger Dyras cataclism: human or extraterrestrial?
I recently collaborated on a paper that analyzed small scoriaecous
(glassy) droplets from flotation samples, focused on site in Syria relating to
early agriculture, including Abu Hureyra, Jerf el Ahmar, D’Jades, Tell Qaramel: Thy et al. published Journal of...

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Possible images for Asia MA website etc.
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