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And giving you the ACCESS to this truth is my purpose. #actingfromyoursoul 
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Freedom power and elegance
Hello , Thank you for your inquiry into who I am. Here is a little bit about what you can count on me for and what I bring to the table. You can count on me to create ease and power in the areas of your life that are important to you. Is there an area where you have been experiencing some struggle or just want access to creating something new? Do you make new goals but come short on producing the results you expected? Most of us do. I can help you break though that pattern and bring aliveness and results. Are you hard on yourself? Do you find yourself procrastinating ? Are you a high achiever ? Are you as effective a leader as you'd like to be? What would the quality of your life be like if all your relationships were working? 2- Do you wish you had a bigger impact on people? I will show you how to have your presentation aligned with who you say you are to the world. I will show you what works and what doesn't work in communication 3- You can count on me to help your children gain powerful communication skills necessary for success. With the growing number of children who spend most of their time communicating digitally , there has been a notable impact on their ability to communicate interpersonally. lIt is vital for them to understand body language for success in the real world. I love empowering young adults and children. Through games and communication exercises I personally work with each and every. I look forward to meeting you. I am committed to your having success with ease , grace and power.
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It's really sad. This coffee house has no distinctions around what makes a good cup of coffee or a good pastry. Don't waste your patience or your money . What a disappointment and they charge prices like award winning coffee houses in high rent city neighborhoods. Why is it that Aldo's in Greenport can produce great expresso or cappuccino and remains the only place on the North Fork that can do so. The rest are not drinkable. The name Hampton may give the consumer the expectation that he or she may be getting something that the palates of the south fork would demand, but no it doesn't live up to that not the the name help make their coffee any better. Their pastries are horrible The croissants look like the Pillsbury Doe Boy made them in a kids oven heated by a lightbulb. They sit flat and pale. They are trying to serve up healthy power foods. They look inedible. What a disappointment ! The only nice thing about the place are the excited staff. The rest is all smoke and mirrors. This place will not survive the summer if it doesn't do what it takes to make consistently good coffee.
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