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This is my tagline. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
This is my tagline. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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You know Louis CK, Jim Norton is one of the funniest men alive, and Patrice O'Neal is one of the greatest thinkers you never got to know. Buy this Humble Bundle.

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Cannot wait for the Holiday Sale!

I think the new question with Steam Sales (especially for indie games) is do I buy the game now or wait for it to pop up in a Humble Bundle?

Remember guys: If it's not a Daily Deal, Flash Sale, or Community Choice, DON'T BUY IT. It will be. Now, enjoy the Steam Sale.

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To help promote +Marvel Heroes, Alienware is giving out a free Iron Man "Heartbreaker" skin. This is really nice...For anyone that has Iron Man.

From what I saw iron Man is a $20 hero. Why are they giving away a free "gift" that costs $20 to use? 

Marvel Heroes is a good game that everyone should try, especially if you like Marvel or Diablo style games. 

All this will do is entice people to download the client see They need to pay to use the freebie and likely give up. 

Someone should have thought ahead and designed a free skin for one of the free characters.

Of the $100 Steam Wallet card I bought in December to last me the year, I still have $83 and change. Managed to hold myself to one Humble Bundle of games I own't play too. If not for the $200 I dropped for a Marvel Heroes Ultimate Pack (which technically wasn't breaking my rules as it was all gift money) I'd be on track for my spending challenge limits.

Marvel Heroes is vexing. I want it to be good and keep not enjoying it. Character models are high quality, but the enviornements look like crap. Have the least fun playing Spider-Man which is the toon I most want to play. His web swing is just broken. Enemies look like they're ducking it rather than getting hit by it and half the time it lands you in a place you can't get out of.  Hoping the last beta patch fixes some of that, but I fear they're in polish rather than fix mode.


Use that code for 10% off Marvel Heroes Founder's Packs. Fun game so far, but will be Free To Play and anything that isn't purely cosmetic will supposedly drop in game. It's basically Diablo with a Marvel skin. So if that appeals to you so might the game.

Full Disclosure, if you use the code I get $5 of in game money (which is used to buy those purely cosmetic things). Yay.

Actually if you even register for an account, until the 27th you have a chance to win an "Ultimate" Pack which includes a closed beta key. Code is good until March 8 so take a shot at winning and buy if you don't.

#ifihadglass  I would probably just walk around with it turned off to make the other nerds jealous. I'd be a walking billboard, nothing more.

OK, San Diego while I'd rather be here than back home with the snow, I was really hoping you'd give me at least 60 degrees... 
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