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How to troll friends and family using Google+
Step 1) Randomly divide everyone you know into two separate circles.
Step 2) Post to circle 1 that you just got an awesome new job.
Step 3) Post to circle 2 that you just contracted some disease.
Step 4) Post to your extended circles that "Tomorrow is my last day".
Step 5) Watch resulting comment battle between the two groups.

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A few words about connecting with people here.

1) Don't feel compelled to reciprocate!
This is not Facebook :). Just because someone adds you to a circle does NOT mean they expect you to add them to a circle. Example: I added +Tom Anderson, co-founder of MySpace, to a circle ("Interesting People"). He may be my "friend" on MySpace, but he doesn't know me from Adam, and I've never met him; I don't expect him to be as interested in what I have to say as vice versa!

This also means you (ideally) shouldn't feel uncomfortable when someone you don't know adds you to a circle. They're probably not asking (or even wanting) to be your friend; they just want to see what, if anything, you choose to post publicly.

2) Don't feel shy about adding people to a circle
(and, contrary to my example above, don't ever feel compelled to tell someone what circle you've added them to. They can't find out this info themselves, and it's none of their business :p)

One of the cool things about Google+ is that you don't have to worry about adding too many people, or the "wrong" people. When you add them -- or anytime after -- you choose which circle(s) you put 'em in. Then you just post to -- and read -- what you want.

3) As a good rule of thumb, try to add reserve one circle for the people you really care about personally, that you want to share personal stuff with.
"Friends" or "Best Friends" or whatever. Then, you can do two cool things:
- Add just that circle when you want to share something personal.
- Click on that circle name (on the left) when you want to read posts just from those friends, without the clutter from others (especially obnoxiously loquacious folks like me :p)

But then when you have more time and you want a broader cross-section, or the chance to get to know other people better, you can click on your "Interesting People" list, or even "Stream" (which shows posts from all your circles).

You always have the choice, and if you end up becoming good friends with one of those folks... just a couple of clicks and boom they're in your Friends circle :-).

* * *

Hope this helps make you more comfortable with the whole sharing and reading thing here on Google+! I've been using the service for a while (as a tester) and once I realized that I was 100% in control of who I shared with and what I read, it made the whole G+ experience a lot more fun for me, so that's why I decided to share :-)

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At the time it was acquired by Google, Android was operating out of the 3rd floor of 156 University Ave, Palo Alto. Post acquisition we moved to Google's Building 41 in Mountain View, then later to Building 44.

Our lease was taken over by some little social networking startup called Facebook. These days Palantir occupies this building.

These pictures were taken just after we had moved in to the new space, which was intended to be large enough to allow for 1-2 years of growth. I think it was around 8000 ft^2.
Android 2005 - 156 University Ave (10 photos)
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