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Hello fellow Google Users,
I am having an issue with several of my student drives (6 out of 210) not having a folder or 2.
Nearly all students have recieved hapara dashboard folders but just 1 or 2 missing in 6 kids....
Any simple fixes?
I have re manual uploaded but no change.

Rarely do I complain but why on earth have Google made the adding people to circles via a hover function no longer possible? The process it now takes to add community members within a school to circles is excruciatingly time consuming.....arghh sorry but can someone please speak to someone and make the creation of circle easier again.
PS I still love you Google despite my angry moment

Does anyone have suggestions for the best screen capture app that students and myself could use to make tutorials.

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This has been a useful poster for students and teachers alike to show the basic parts of a computer and their relationship to humans. We have made a class display of the parts and pulled apart components to observe the inside parts.
This then leads to a 'What's inside the Box' session where the students/teachers follow steps to pull apart a computer. 
Students have also been responsible for the changes to our manual to meet the needs of our pull apart computers advancements.
#cserTask4 #whatsinthebox
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For several years now I have been trying to develop my classroom use of online applications to enhance collaborative learning.
A combination of Google Docs, Google Slides and Hapara Teacher Dashboard has enabled my students to work together in school and at home successfully. I am able to provide documents of expectations, assignments, research links, research guidelines and various other documents quickly and easily through the Teacher Dashboard Smart Share.
I designate leaders for tasks and assignments and only share to their Google Drive. It is then their responsibility to share the needed docs amongst their group and create projects with the same sharing ability.
These projects and assignments are generally then presented in various forms to a real audience. They receive feedback in regards to their leadership, teamwork, online participation and other skills depending on the task.
Hapara Teacher Dashboard is the key to this as it give me very easy sharing ability. I thoroughly recommend the $4 per student as the monitoring and sharing opens up so many possibilities. It makes report writing time so much easier as well.
The project I have show was completed for homework by 3 Year 5's this year. They presented it to class, the information was in their speech and the slideshow was visually very good to compliment what they were saying.

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Students creating and using QR codes to assist their peers in choosing books.
A great task that we have begun to implement at our school is where students are writing simple review blogs of books in our library. The student reads the book (hopefully), blogs about it, then creates a QR code that links directly to their post. 
This process has promoted reading and comprehension skills. The students are learning about QR codes and QR code generators while actively bogging for an audience. The consumer students who access the QR code are also experiencing QR codes, seeing how they link to designated information, using blogs, can comment on a blog and as a super sideline effect they are getting peer reviews of books they may read.
It is so simple and really not a huge amount of time is needed for the creation stage.
You just need QR Code Monkey (our choice), iPads or a dedicated webcam computer for reading the QR codes and make sure you check with the library staff before sticking codes all over their beautifully covered books. #csertask3   #reading   #blogging  

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Who cares if it's raining!
Google is offering a free camp for kids program online from the 13th of July. It looks interesting and considering they have teamed up with National Geographic and Khan Academy to delve into all the 'whys' of science it probably will be awesome.
It's 4 weeks of different topics and maybe a great way for a child to use their screen time positively this holidays.
Watch the video or click on this link to go straight to the site:
Please let me know if you try any or all of it. 
Have fun!!!
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It's interesting to stop and think about the environment that the students live and work within for 200 days a year. So much data is actually produced, created and ready for collation or analysing.
In my class we have table teams that change regularly. So much data is produced via points accumulation. Table captains collect and record the points on a Captains Card. They must record these points on the back of the card each day and label the points so they can discus and defend their total if questioned.
The Captains then read out the points at the end of the week and it is all entered on an excel document in front of the class. The graphs visually display the data.
The students (year 4/5) love the incentive and strive for the Cheap As Chips plastic trophy that they proudly display on their desk.
In all honesty a tonne of conversation and student leadership happens around this but I thought it was a good example of a data source teachers could use.
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I wish I could apply for a class set of Fitbit's of the like. These technologies are changing the way we monitor our health and fitness. They could be so easily incorporated into  #health  , #PE  , and #maths  curriculums. 

Hi all,
Im a Year 4/5 teacher and IT Coordinator about to kick off on my tasks. Hope all is well and thank you for all the great DT ideas.
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