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Nice guide. A suggestion though - move the level 4 and 5 trainings to last minute - this means that newbros will be flying functional t1 frigates while they wait to get into more powerful t2s.

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Spent an hour and a half last night hacking enemy portals down town last night, got up early and spotted a weak portal nearby. Ninja'd the portal and now the #resistance has a foothold here in KW. It's not much, but gotta start somewhere!  #ingress  

My thoughts on #ingress so far...

I've been playing a bit so far. It's kind of fun, but I had a few observations so far. Before I go into details though, know that I do live in a mildly cold part of the world that is going into winter season as we speak.

I like the concept of it. Geocaching has always been a fun passtime, and ingress has a fun and interesting system to it. The downside to that is the game still feels very small. At level 1 you can see that everything goes up to and stops at level 8. There are only 4-5 types of items, and a lot of room for more. It'd be nice if they added a bit more variation. Different types of weapons and augments. Perhaps a battery backup to help reinforce your portal for longer periods, weapons that were more powerful but were more like damage over time weapons then direct attacks, or even weapons that took advantage of links and sent out chains of attacks.

The second observation (and frustration) of mine is that even though you can only use weapons of your level or lower, when you hack a portal, you can get weapons of any level. This results in frustration when you're at level one, can't seem to take out a single enemy portal, and run out of weapons you can use. Although level 1 XMPs are supposedly super common, I seem to have a million level 7, 8 and 9 XMPs, and never enough low level ones to take anything out. Add to that fact that you can easily recharge a portal from any distance, but attacking it requires close range, and you have a nasty game where the losers can never make a comeback.

Finally, the last issue seems like a temporary one. For university students, campuses were quickly filled with portals, but for regions like mine, it looks like portals are kind of rare. This will of course change, but will take several weeks of work from people like me to get it there. Add a healthy dose of 'not all neighborhoods appear to have an appropriate landmark' in suburbia, and I think you will begin seeing more and more people frustrated. It will depend largely on how quickly they approve new portals, and how picky a criteria we're working with (will YMCA's get approved? Booster Juice? Public schools, churches?)

So far I enjoy the game, and will enjoy it even more as the player base fills out in my region. I hope to get some more invites so I can recruit more players in my region and have an active area by spring...

+Niantic Project +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 

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With half my timeline filled with #ingress posts, its hard to not beg.

Anyone have experience adding new portals? Does it really take six weeks? #ingress  

#ingress   #ingressinvite  Hey guys, what's the link to convert to another faction in #ingress? Enlightened kinda overpopulated here, and I think they might be a little crazier than I originally thought...

Also, any potential players in the KW region? Especially those who want to play resistance?

Hey guys, what's the link to convert to another faction in #ingress? Enlightened kinda overpopulated here, and I think they might be a little crazier than I originally thought...

Day 1 with #Ingress - My neighborhood doesn't have any portals yet, so I wandered around and sent in some submissions. Now to head to work early and wander around there, where there are a bunch of portals. Waterloo is very #Enlightened  
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