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Alonso Abugattas
Alonso Abugattas is a well known local environmental educator, naturalist, and storyteller in the Washington, DC area.
Alonso Abugattas is a well known local environmental educator, naturalist, and storyteller in the Washington, DC area.

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Carolina Wren
     Carolina Wrens ( Thryothorus ludovicianus ) are common birds who are beneficiaries of warming temperatures. They've steadily been spreading their range northwards and westwards now for decades. Their ranges quickly contract when hit by harsh weather. T...

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Bird Friendly Homes
Silhouettes or decorations of almost any kind can help make birds aware of glass windows, specially if placed 4 or so inches from each other.       Many people love birds and try to their best to help them out. This often takes the form of providing bird fe...

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Monarch Way Stations
     The winter months can be ideal for planning our gardens, looking over catalogs, doing research into plants, and otherwise setting yourself up for success for the growing season (as well as providing some inspiration during dreary weather). One particul...

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A Bufflehead drake      Among our smallest ducks, Buffleheads ( Bucephala albeola ) are one of the most noticeable winter ducks along rivers and large waterways. Their common name is a corruption of "buffalo" and "head" due to the oversize appearance of the...

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      The cold snap today reminded me of one of our best loved backyard birds, the Carolina Chickadee ( Poecile carolinensis ) . The Black-capped Chickadee usually lives more North of here, although they venture into our region during severe cold we...

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Northern Pintail
A Northern Pintail drake and hen      The Northern Pintail ( Anas acuta ) is one of our handsomest and widespread ducks. The adult drake (male) is graced by a long tail (up to 1/4 of their body length) which gives rise to many of its common names: Pintail, ...

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Belted Kingfisher
A female Belted Kingfisher      There are about 95 species of kingfishers (depending on which expert you listen to) worldwide. There are 3 that can be found in North America, but only one in the East and throughout most of United States and Canada, the Belt...

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Red Maple
The beautiful color many Red Maples have in the Fall.      Red Maple ( Acer rubrum ) is considered by many to be the most common and widespread tree in the East. Although it prefers moist environments (it is sometimes called Swamp or Water Maple), it can to...

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Wild Grapes
Riverbank Grape ( Vitis riparia ) is among the most common of our wild grapes.      Wild Grapes ( Vitis spp. ) are an often misunderstood, but extremely valuable plant in our local woods. There are over 60 different species in North America, with 11 in Virg...

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Buck Moths
     So while waiting in my tree stand for a buck to show up, I noticed quite a few Buck Moths instead. These are quite different from most moths in a couple of ways. First they fly during the day rather than at night. Secondly, they come out during the lat...
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