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Jon Horner (Dearneman)
Yorkshire Lib Dem, British Snowflake and Trekkie. I am passionate about: #Android #Steam #Xbox #StarTrek #StarWars #LibDems #UK #EU #F1
Yorkshire Lib Dem, British Snowflake and Trekkie. I am passionate about: #Android #Steam #Xbox #StarTrek #StarWars #LibDems #UK #EU #F1

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I have to give Disney credit for Beauty and the Beast. I wasn't looking forward to it but ended up enjoying it. Well worth watching, if it is only once.

(2017 #04) #Cinema #Films #Movies

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Whilst I was gripped by Patriots Day re-telling of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, I did feel it lacked something. I am not sure what?

(2017 #03) #Cinema #Films #Movies

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After all the mixed reviews, I wasn't expecting Assassin's Creed to be a great film. However, it was a little better than expected. A nice story and good use of cinematography, but a little boring in parts. It was much better than Warcraft from last year!

(2017 #02) #Cinema #Films #Movies

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I enjoyed Passengers, the first film this year as Assassin's Creed was over an hour later. The special effects are excellent and the plot is good. A little disappointed with the ending as it should have been more gritty.

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Got a Samsung VR headset for Xmas. 😊

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Rogue One was good! No spoilers!

The first half was a little boring at times but they had to explain the story and the background of the main characters. The interaction between the characters was brilliant. I liked the droid. The second half had most of the action and was rather spectacular with the CGI used very well (nothing like the prequels). Disney done a great job

Some nice and unexpected twists towards the end too.

Thumbs up! 👍

(2016 #29) #Cinema #Films #Movies #StarWars

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I enjoyed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

So how do you make a Harry Potter film without Harry Potter? Set it in the past and use a fantastic actor such as Eddie Redmayne.

There are only a few negatives about the sub-plots that wasn't fully explained or I felt wasn't necessary to the whole story. I can't say fully due to spoilers. One is the character that lead to the deaths that I felt it was rather silly, and another is the term 'non-majs' instead of 'muggles'.

The special effects were spot on, and a nice twist at the end that I guessed correctly.

One of the best films this year.

(2016 #28) #Cinema #Films #Movies

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I thought Doctor Strange was one of the best Marvel films, on the same level as Guardians, Ant-Man and Deadpool. The characters were great and the special effects outstanding.

Made for IMAX 3D! 😀

(2016 #27) #Cinema #Films #Movies
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