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The focus of next week's free Virtual Wisdom Council call is time. 

Our work will be supported by sacred tools like the Peruvian Chumpi stones and natural objects like this Andean crystal... Ancient pieces like this seem stand outside of time.
Be sure to register to receive the call in details:

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The focus of next week's free Virtual Wisdom Council call is time. 

Our work will be supported by sacred tools like the Peruvian Chumpi stones and natural objects like this Andean crystal... Ancient pieces like this seem stand outside of time.

Be sure to register to receive the call in details:

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There’s much talk about managing and mastering time. All those systems rarely relieve stress or help you feel more connected and at peace.

* What if you could soften the self-imposed limitations you place on time?
* What if you lived without time constraints?
* What if you could enjoy an abundant amount of space and time to just be and to listen to your own being?
Register to join us by phone for this free teaching and meditation:

Though our “time problem” is worsened by our hyper-connected, 24-7/365 lives, it goes deeper than our present day busy-ness. Our human relationship to the present moment needs to be reevaluated. It’s time to engage with the concept of time in a whole new way.

You really do have the ability to change your perception of the karmic restraints of time. It begins with recognizing and shifting your attachment to old, worn out expectations of what minutes, hours, and years are supposed to allow.

Lets step outside "TIME" together on January 26 at 7 PM ET. We will enter a "time-less" zone where our space widens and we have more room to breathe and enjoy the limitless possibilities of a single moment.

With the support of the Chumpi stones and sacred sound, we’ll meditate together and explore the space beyond time.

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Every day, you give. 

Your time, your energy, your compassion, your endurance, your laughter.

You give, and sure you get something in return, but are you living in a state of ayni?

Ayni: The State of Divine Reciprocity

 Burnout. Dissatisfaction. A constant feeling of "something's missing."

These are all signs that your cosmic scales are imbalanced. You're most likely giving more than you're receiving. And what you are getting from the people and activities in your life just don't feed you at the deep soul level.

Ayni is a Quechua term that the indigenous people of Peru use to discuss their reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth or Pachamama. As we say in the book on Chumpi Illumination  ayni is "a profound awareness of giving and receiving in equal measure."

When ayni is part of your life, your personal relationships flow smoothly because everyone feels heard and treated fairly. Even more fundamental, ayni is actually a vibration that balances the cells in the body. When you live in harmony with creation through the equilibrium of ayni you actually reflect the perfect order of the universe. This is true health and freedom.

But how do you step into ayni?

Because you are likely living on a tipped scale, giving more than you are receiving, you begin by giving to yourself.

Give yourself time. Give yourself nourishment. Give yourself peace. Give yourself the mystery - that "something more" that you crave.

At the +Sacred Center Mystery School, ayni is at the core of our teachings. We sit in council at each class - a circle of bright, receptive souls ready to offer and gather wisdom. It is your journey toward your own transformation, yet you heal and evolve as part of a collective.

As you heal and evolve, the group does the same. In turn, the people in your life beyond the class will feel the ripples of your new consciousness. Those ripples will go forth into the world and start tilting the scales back toward their true state of balance.

Your next chance to be part of this great cosmic balancing act is Saturday, February 7 and 8 when we offer an Introduction to Chumpi Illumination called Illuminating the Greater Reality.

To learn more and to register, visit our School page: There you'll learn about the entire course of study and find a link that describes all that you'll discover in just the first two days of handling the chumpis and being held in a field of ayni.

Please share this message with a friend. The Sacred Center circle is widening this year, and I would love you and your community to be a part of it.

Image: the 12th Chumpi, Creation

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You're invited! The next Sacred Center Virtual Wisdom Council call is October 16 at 7 PM.

Please share this with friends who are also on the quest to find the extraordinary in every moment.

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As individuals, we are the Entirety as well as the Parts. What happens to others, in some way, happens to us.

You turn on the news and you’re barraged with so much information, so much violence, so much conflict. It’s easy to become overwhelmed or numbed. You may just want to disconnect.

In the face of this big, diverse, chaotic world, it becomes easy to focus on your daily routine and look no further than the edges of your own life.

It is possible to live fully and deliberately within the boundaries of your own experience and create a lot of good in your corner of the world.

And yet, if you’re drawn to living in a holistic way, you will remember: 

What happens to others, in some way, happens to us.

That means that what happens behind closed doors in your neighborhood or on the other side of the earth does have some influence on your own Being. 

Does that concept challenge you? Look at it from the other side.

Healing has a rippling effect. As you transform, you are creating an opening for others.

Even for strangers down the street. Even in countries you couldn’t find on a map.

How to Heal the Whole

When you heal yourself, the world changes for the better.

The kind of healing that transforms you, the individual, and ripples out to the Whole asks for a deeper sort of spiritual commitment. You are asked to truly inhabit a state of self awareness. 

To heal yourself and the whole, you are must look for sacred openings and presence in everyday life.

Rather than allowing yourself to go numb or to disengage, you instead choose to develop a bold spiritual presence.

At the Sacred Center, we take the “work” out of defining one’s bold spiritual presence. In fact, it isn’t work at all. Yes, it take consciousness and commitment, but it isn’t about pushing and force.

To connect with and claim your spirit, you simply need to sink into yourself and allow yourself to become who you already are. 

Create Your Own Door to Wholeness

In our Mystery School classes and during individual healing sessions we set the Chumpis in formations inspired by the principles of sacred mathematics. 

The Chumpis create portals that allow you to step into the great flow of the Universe. True healing takes place on this wider stage. This where your individual Parts mingle and reorganize to become part of a unified, healthy Whole.

Will you join us for the next Introduction to Chumpi Illumination? On September 6 and 7, the Sacred Center hosts Illuminate Your Greater Reality.

This is your chance to learn the basic principles of CHILL and to handle the stones and use them to heal yourself and others. In class you will explore your own stories and conflicts and see them in the context of the Entirety.

We speak of universal concepts and ancient wisdom, but the teaching is deeply practical and can be directly applied to the challenges you face every day.

Space is limited, so please register today or contact me with any questions.

This class is a prerequisite for entrance into the Mystery School and enrollment in other classes throughout the fall including Illumination of the Mind and Illumination of the Body.

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"Healing begins when you live in balance and reciprocity with all that exists in the physical world and on the spirit planes. Transformation begins when you are liberated from duality and separation. You are at one with all that is."

The new book, Chumpi Illumination: Gateways to Healing and Transformation, by +Eleanora Amendolara and +Marisa Goudy is available!

Sign up for the upcoming Virtual Wisdom Council call (it's free!) and get $5 the Chumpi book and accompanying card deck.

Hope to connect with you on August 12!

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Filling Yourself With the Present this Solstice

Today, we watch the sun as it fills our skies on the longest day.
On this solstice, the earth pauses for a moment. We experience absolute balance.
And then, the days will begin to grow shorter and the nights will lengthen once again.
When I returned from Peru a few weeks ago, I came home with a completely clear mind. It was as if I had come home the moment my head was fully emptied.
So, I had a choice: what would I fill myself with once I got back to daily life?
I choose to be present in each moment as it comes. I am not clouding myself with the past or the future.
Unlike the tilting earth, you do not have to move back and forth between past and future, dark and light. You can be here, now, always.
This devotion to the present moment allows you to access a place in yourself that is as limitless as the night sky. You are filled with infinite stars. Those countless sources of light inspires you to create and manifest that richness of life here in this life every day.
Reaching for the stars closest to home
This has been a rich and wonderful month for the Mystery School.  
Last week six students returned for another CHILL Intensive, Illuminating the Body, as part of their two year journey toward certification in Chumpi Illumination. This group is in it and brings such richness in their varied backgrounds and areas of expertise.
Today I welcomed the Advanced Students for day one of a two-day class. This group of dedicated individuals always brings out new facets of CHILL as we explore new forms of personal and transpersonal healing.
 And, next week I will be traveling down to New York City to offer an Intro to CHILL class in conjunction with the New York Shamanic Circle. There's still time to register for this two-day immersion in the stones and their forms. For more:
This open-to-all class will be your chance to get a copy of the new book and wisdom cards. We've just gotten them from the published - you can't even buy them online yet. (Details to come about placing an order!)
Get the details on the Mystery School and the upcoming classes:

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Earth and Water - this is Balance. The Green Lagoon at Ausangate.

The "Mountain-Lagoon" exercise is one of the first things Eleanora teaches in the Sacred Center Mystery School. Join the next class June 28 - 29:

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Walk through a portal to the Greater Reality on the Summer Solstice

Join Eleanora for a weekend introduction to Chumpi Illumination in New York City. Sponsored by the New York Shamanic Circle.

Using the Peruvian Chumpi Stones as your sacred tools, you can create portals that mirror the architecture of the Universe. When you sit in these divine gateways, you connect to your own sacred center and enter relationship into with the Greater Reality.

Register now for the early bird discount.
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