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I am still having problems like my blogspot is on this but not on air for anyone to comment on or see how can I fix this

How do I undo the mute so that I can check on my comments.
Still trying my best with Google +

I am trying to get this Google+ working for me still making a few mistakes, but am trying.... I am farm sitting been a nightmare but life is never what you expect, you have to work at it. Going home on Tuesday and taking back some projects to do. I am trying hard to get the internet to work for me. Have been looking around at different places and such and I know what I want to do! I do want to create my gallery again. Do the best with what I have...that is the plan. 

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I found my GMail and now have lost my tried very hard to combine... Either I get one or the other... how about altogether so I don't lose information....

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How do I combine my Google GMail account which has Google+ face in green with a different email and password which I have had a long time together as one or so that I can get into my GMail account?

I have lost my google + my GMail account when I have the yahoo account they don't recognise my GMail account now I cannot get into it??? I tried to make a new account it was a green was my GMail account I couldn't combine the accounts it kept saying it wasn't my account..

I am on holidays and studying my google + Bloggers and such and it's very interesting, starting to make sense of things ... still a lot to learn, getting there all good!...

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Have a couple of items for sale to Blog .... Farm sitting till daughter is finished with the By-pass. till the time comes I am going to do the markets and Fairs advertising myself and letting people see what I am doing.... Dolls Sugar Britches with eyes ope...

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Happy New Year 2017
I am at the farm contemplating what to do. I had a lot of trouble finding my Blogger, oooh the thought of losing it made me realise how important a Blogger can be and for me to work on it. 2016 had been a tough year indeed. Actually a mother's nightmare but...

I don't know what went wrong I played with Google+ yesterday and wow things went horribly wrong especially on my FB page... especially on Microsoft edge.... I corrupted my FB tile when I clked on it was corrupted too scared to look at it. The Explorer settings are fine ... I received a confirmation off google saying I used different devices...... I am so frightened now to do things on my own I think I will just chill out for the moment??
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