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Ever since Dr. Horrible's Sinalong Blog, I've had a special place in my heart for Felicia Day (and NPH, and Nathan Fillion... The list goes on). And Fate also has a special place in my heart. Can't wait to watch this! 
Awesome episode of TableTop with Wil Wheaton playing FATE CORE (which, in case you didn't know, is the system which powers MINDJAMMER THE ROLEPLAYING GAME), along with Felicia Day, John Rogers, and GMed by the august +Ryan Macklin. Great job, Ryan! And a great session...

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+John Layton and I are finally done with our MASSIVE World of Darkness supplement for Urban Shadows.

If you want to have the group play all as a singular archetype (ie. just Vampires or just Mages) or if you want to play in typical Urban Shadows fashion with a mixed group, this game works.

This supplement includes:

Changeling the Lost
Vampire the Masquerade
Hunter the Vigil
Orpheus (Wraith was just not a good combination with US.)
Mage the Awakening
Werewolf the Forsaken
Demon the Fallen

This add-on doesn't take the game away from being Urban Shadows. It is still the great game that +Andrew Medeiros created, but just a 100x more World of Darkness(-ey).

I have included an altered XP system based on the XP styling from AW: Dark Age since US focuses on multi-supernatural entanglements, and some groups may want to focus on single supernatural confrontations.

+Richard Rogers, this may wet your taste for something WoD/VtM. I know +Jason Cordova that you group up playing these as well.

+Lowell Francis, you can see here what I did for Changeling. I did have to remove a few Seemings as Darkling and Ogre were almost exactly like other books from different add-ons. Amazing how much White Wolf recycled from itself.

+Steve Moore and +Chris Riexax were both huge contributors at the beginning.

Big thanks from +T. Franzke for helping me move past the +1 type moves to mostly narrative based moves.

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I've posted before about the PbtA game I am working on. Malleus, a game of 17th Century monster hunting. My work on the game has stalled out, in large part because the main rules are pretty firm and now I am trying to write move commentary and GM advice, and I am finding it a real slog.

In the hope that some more feedback will help, I'm posting the latest draft:

A lot of the text is still very much a work in progress.

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Coming to KickStarter one month from today!!

For the past year, +Andrew Medeiros and I have been co-developing The Watch. It's baked and ready, and we're in the final stages of KickStarter prep right now.

What is The Watch? Well:

The Watch is a low-fantasy game about women (and other female-of-center people) who are fighting to retake their homeland from the Shadow – a darkly sorcerous threat that has the power to possess men and use them for its own violent ends. So much has already been lost to the Shadow – land, loved ones, and traditions. But your people have come together, forming a new fighting force from those able to resist the Shadow, which they call the Watch.

The story of The Watch is structured around the military campaign against the Shadow’s forces. You will tell stories of war, love, and sacrifice as your characters fight to hang on to what they have left.


We've got a lot of exciting stuff planned for our campaign, so follow us at #JoinTheWatchRPG  over the next month for previews and campaign announcements, after we launch on February 14th! And as ever, sharing is caring.

Thank you!

Your input requested on Dungeon World magical item custom move:

An intelligent weapon holding the soul of an angel of fire seeking to 'purify' the world through flame...

Sky's the limit high fantasy approach...GO!

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Ghetto funk, Nu disco, electro swing mix. Get it while the funk is fresh.

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I call it rabbit in the dark because...well...I think the composition speaks for itself

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Signal boost. Vote for this awesome game
Voting is now live for the ENnies, & Urban Shadows is up for 3! We appreciate the votes.

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Back it!
Hello Rebels! I want to tell you about my latest Kickstarter project that is currently running. It's called The Forgotten and it's a live action roleplaying game about a group of people trying to stay alive and safe while living in a city under siege. You don't play soldiers but regular people who never asked for what is happening to them.

You can read more about it on the KS page, but essentially the game uses different decks of cards to resolve nightly events and push different conditions onto your characters; like Wounded, Demoralized, Sick, etc. It also makes use of a soundtrack to create ambiance and acts as a time keeping mechanic.

I hope you'll check it out and if you like what you see, please consider backing my project, sharing it with your friends on social media, or both. Thanks a million!

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