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GREENWICH FREE PRESS: Look at the Money Greenwich Connecticut​ Has Thrown Down the Toilet

Frank Farricker​ is making a lot of sense in this Greenwich Free Press Article...

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KEEP IT CLASSY PETER: A Nasty Little Peter Tesei Was Forced To Apologize In The Greenwich Time Today

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Peter Tesei's Prayers Are Answered: The Pope Doersn't Speak At St Mary's Church On Greenwich Avenue 

If The Pope Came To Greenwich, he would say,"The Housing Authority has been a source of evil insider greed for the past eight years,"

As the Pope Francis focuses on dignity of human life and rails against craving for wealth and power, here in Greenwich Peter Tesei and his pals enrich themselves with taxpayer dollars intended to help the poor.

The Pope would be appalled how some of the weakest members of society have been treated byl the members of that Board approved by Peter Tesei, 

Greenwich taxpayers should look back and look at exactly what has happened while Peter GTesei has been the town's head honcho.

First, that Housing Authority asked the Town for a full forgiveness of a loan because they had to pay back an “investor”, an investor that they had bought out years ago. 

This authority tried to take $1 million of your dollars to pay off an investor that didn’t exist. And its not like we would know where the money went anyway, 

Because the housing authority set up another, totally off the books company to own the property. 

So, to make things clear, in exchange for no new housing, no new construction, no new benefit from the town, Peter Tesei’s hand picked housing authority wanted $1 million in cash to forgive a loan for a property that they didn’t own any more. 

I wonder where that money went, perhaps it went to the same pot that the mooring cash went in to? 

there are too many unaccounted Slush Funds In Greenwich.

Lets not forget about the construction of housing on a cesspool of pollution at Armstrong Court. Even though neighbors have been dying off in droves for years because of the contamination, 

Peter Tesei’s handpicked housing authority wants to lie to the world about the cleanliness of the site because why? 

After all, its not like the housing authority didn’t create yet another private company to take in the millions of dollars that the state of Connecticut would give them to build the houses. 

I suppose they think they will solve the affordable housing problem in Greenwich by killing off the tenants one at a time from the contamination? 

How about the bids at Adams Gardens. 

Rumor has it that Peter Tesei’s handpicked housing authority might have played fast and loose with the bidding for that project. 

Since they took about $500,000 of our tax dollars to build there, and its pretty much falling apart already, one has to wonder what happened to all the money. Its not like they will allow an audit of that money, because they have given the stiff arm to anyone who asks? 

How about Greenwich Close, that huge, falling apart building across the street from Town Hall? 

Even though they were told that they had to fix up the collapsing garage and foundation, they just continue to collect the cash in a dangerous building with only a handful of affordable properties, 

But Peter Tesi, wont tell you how  Housing Authority poobah Anthony Johnson sits in his paid-for three bedroom at the top and in the corner, no doubt admiring the free MBA he got on company time paid for by the Housing Authority? 

What have we gotten for this over the past 8 years? Lighter in the wallet but no better off 

These housing Authority funds were supposed to help the least fortunate members of Greenwich society, but there was too much fraud, waste and abuse from Peter Tesei and his pals. 


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Was Hush Money Involved In Tesei Not Sending Rape Test Kits To CT Lab? What Happened To All Of Women And Children Whose Rape Kits Were Not Tested? 

BREAKING; Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Has Unsubmitted Rape Test kits....GPD MISMANAGEMENT: Greenwich Rape Kit Evidence Delayed In Reaching State Lab..... 

Greenwich Police Department confusion over what was supposed to be submitted to the state Forensic Science Lab may have held up processing of dozens of sexual assault kits from the Greenwich police departments. 

A survey conducted by the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services found that sexual assault kits dating back years from the Greenwich Police Department were never submitted to the lab for DNA analysis.

The survey conducted in October 2014 revealed that at the time said the kits of 43 rape cases had not been submitted,

The reasons the kits were not submitted varied. 

Some Greenwich police officers said they were unsure why the 43 rape kits were not submitted, 

Greenwich Police officials said they were hanging on to the 43 kits prior to the survey, but had started turning them over to the state lab.

A recently-announced $1.4 million federal grant will be used to help process the hundreds of unprocessed rape kits and to create a multidisciplinary working group to look at why the kits were shelved for so long. A statewide policy will be developed for notifying victims of sexual assault when a DNA match has been found. 

The grant coincides with the enactment of a new state law that, as of Oct. 1, will require all police departments to submit the kits 10 days after they are received from a health provider. 

The new law also stipulates that police departments must submit sexual assault kits from victims who do not wish to file a complaint or be identified. The “anonymous” kits will be stored by the state lab for five years or until a victim comes forward. 

The kits include evidence gathered by health care professionals, including DNA from victims’ genitals, any hair samples or material under a victims’ fingernails which allows the lab to generate a DNA profile of the alleged attacker. 

Others in the Greenwich police department said they were operating under guidelines created by the lab that were designed to limit the intake of evidence to be analyzed to only the worst cases.

The lab was in disarray for several years and had a backlog of hundreds of cases until Dr. Guy Vallaro took over in 2012. 

State officials issued guidelines restricting submission of evidence to the lab in early 2012 to help allow the lab to catch up and rectify any problems. Vallaro said the guidelines did not apply to sexual assault kits and there were never any restrictions on the number of kits police departments could submit. The lab did restrict the amount of evidence that would be processed for each sexual assault if the kit provided a positive result for DNA during the initial phase of testing.

The lab is now on schedule, but Deb Heinrich the director of communications and public policy for CONNSACS, said a working group will be looking at the reasons why the Greenwich kits weren’t submitted.

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Honest Harbormaster Is Driving Peter Tesei, Karen Sadik-Khan, Zoubeck,Peter Silbereisen And Other Members Of Greenwich's Politically Privileged Boating Class Crazy 

Greenwich Residents Can't Stop Laughing As Tesei’s Angry Reaction To Harbormaster MacMillan, Often Boarders On The Insane

The Tesei administration, which has no time for water main breaks, traffic in the streets or crumbling schools seems to have an endless supply of money and time to go to war with our $500 a year Harbormaster, Ian McMillan. Why might that be?

Well it might be because, Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei gets his feelings hurt when someone says NO to him. 
When Dan Malloy didn’t give him his handpicked choice for Harbormaster because, among other stupidities, Tesei insulted Malloy and told him to “stay out of Greenwich” 

Gee, I wonder why we don’t get anything back from Hartford......Thanks A Lot Peter......

The problem is Harbormaster MacMillan was forced down our First Selectman’s throat by Governor Malloy, thus thwarting Tesei’s own patronage scheme to award the post to the husband of a supporter.

Billy Fox name was at the top of the list submitted by Tesei and Govenor Malloy chose another name that was on the list.

Governor Malloy's legal advisers said that given Billy Fox's job as a Stamford police officer, "there was concern conflicts of jurisdictional  authority could arise. 

Malloy ultimately made a choice from the list. It's was still one of his Peter Tesei's recommendations ... but it wasn’t Tesei's "real choice".

The unsuccessful Billy Fox iis married to Diane Chiappetta Fox, an ally of Republican First Selectman Peter Tesei.

Peter Tesei and Diane Chiappetta Fox were so pissed off, that it took almost three months for them to finally gave MacMillan the keys to the boat that comes with the position.

So, Peter "Lets Go To Court A Lose Again" Tesei has made a commitment to waste endless amounts of his time and your money on this Harbormaster jihad. 

Regardless of whether the Harbormaster was doing a good job or not, Peter Tesei WILL NOT REST until he defeated our dastardly Governor and protected Greenwich from…….what exactly?

No one seems to know, but comedy reigns on the waterfront of Greenwich.

But it can’t be only hurt feelings that induced Peter "Lets Go To Court And Lose Again" Tesei to spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars OF YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to lawyers to give him the answer that he craves – that Peter has the power! 

It can’t be that they call Aamina Ahmad, a town paid attorney “The Harbormaster” at Selectmen meetings because she spends all her time, and your tax dollars, just on harbor issues? 

Or could it be Greenwich's political class doesn't think that the rules don't apply to them (i.e. "Rules are for the little people")

Did Karen Sadik-Khan, a long time Peter Tesei enabler, demand that Peter cast out that horrible Harbormaster because he told her she had to move her mooring in Old Greenwich a few feet away because......the ex-wife of the shellfisherman who owns the rights to that area told her she had to pay $200 for her mooring and she balked  because DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM. 

Now Karen "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" Sadik-Khan is demanding Peter "Lets Go To Court And Lose Again" Tesei and your tax dollars support her drive to change 400 years of law so she doesn’t have to move a mooring? 

The problem is that....

Karen "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" Sadik-Khan feels that because she lives on the water’s edge that her authority goes out to the high water point, but it doesn’t. That’s an important point. 

Someone needs to educate Karen "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" Sadik-Khan and Peter "Lets Go To Court And Lose Again" Tesei about what people’s rights truly are.

Or is it ex-Officer Peter "Screw Windrose Way" Silbereisen, who teamed up with Republican operative Chuck "I Should Get Special Treatment" Zoubeck to try and trick the Harbormaster into, I don’t know what? 

More Info Here.....

GREENWICH TIME: Former Greenwich Police Officer Peter Silbereisen Involved In Weird Waterfront Child Porn Accusation Scandal

Everyone pretty much agrees that, Harbormaster Macmillan, was acting in the town’s best interests under his authority by moving Zoubeck boat out of relatively shallow water and away from an osprey nest.

Zoubeck, was moved just to the north of Tweed Island, is in deeper water and well outside of the (state-mandated) 600-foot circle around the ospreys. 

Chuck "I Should Get Special Treatment" Zoubeck and silly Peter Tesei, both went nuts at at a Board of Selectman hearing with all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories about why his mooring was moved away from the osprey nest.

In the end cooler heads prevailed and the three selectmen told Zoubeck they preferred to first receive additional guidance from the state. Finially the mater was dropped.

But this was not before Chuck "I Should Get Special Treatment" Zoubeck had a conspiracy hissy fit about ex-Officer's Peter Silbereisen’s mooring being moved, because it was blocking a channel maintained by boaters in the Windrose Way Association.

Peter, afraid as always of a strong person in his space, was afraid of Peter Silbereisen and went along with this nonsense at a public meeting. 

Or was Peter afraid of saying no to Zoubeck, 

But in any case he was ready to have a Board of Selectman meeting in the middle of the Harbor to do, I don’t know what?

But I think to overrule our Harbormaster because you know our brave little Captain Tesei has so much experience in nautical issues. 

Peter Tesei, wont tell you this, but....

Chuck Zoubek had a mooring for 45 years, but there is no record of Zoubek’s moorings. He’s never registered. The man is a scofflaw who doesn't want to pay his fair share and cheats his neighbors. 

Of course, dingbat Assistant Town Attorney Aamina "Harbormaster" Ahmad did Peter Tesei's silly little bidding, by saying lets waste Greenwich tax dollars in court, because moorings are not mentioned as part of the state regulation creating the buffer zone around osprey platforms. 


Peter "Lets Go To Court And Lose Again" Tesei wants yo have a taxpayer funded Town Attorney go to court and argue that 45 year mooring fee scofflaw Chuck Zoubek should be allowed to have his private boat disrupt an active osprey nest.

And the nutty part is that Peter loses every time, even for the hundreds of thousands of your tax  dollars he wastes like Captain Queeg, worrying about strawberries , um moorings, while he plays with his balls and runs the ship aground. 

This is both embarrassing, and pathetic as the Harbormaster's time is constantly wasted, because he ended the preferred treatment of the Boating Friends of Peter Tesei. 

MacMillan counts among his accomplishments creating the first-ever inventory of the town's moorings -- complete with GPS coordinates -- as well as his advocacy for dredging. He also said he has responded to every email and phone call he has received as harbor master.

Old Greenwich Yacht Club Commodore Tom Drake has repeatedly credited MacMillan efforts to organize the town's moorings with helping the yacht club attract new members.

MacMillan is very intelligent man who battles for the things that he thinks are legally right. 

He just really loves the water and loves boaters and boating and cares about the waterfront. 

He's not afraid to tell the town `you should be doing x, y, z and you're not.'"

He is passionate about the waterfront.

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Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Has Created A Political Police Culture That Harasses And Intimidates Critics 

After Almost Two Months Of Delays Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Is Supposedly Starting An Investigation Into Political  Surveillance Activities In The Greenwich Police Department. 

At issue are email sent by Greenwich Police Department's Detective Division Commander to School Superintendent William McKersie, informing the schools chief of the anti-Common Core meeting he had under surveillance.

The head of detectives sent a second email to the Greenwich School Superintendent, after the anti-Common Core confab, with this report. 

When Greenwich Time Columnist Bob Horton received the Kordick/McKersie email thread in mid-September, He asked Police Chief James Heavey and Police Commissioner Peter Tesei to explain the reasons behind Kordick’s communications to the school superintendent. 

Were there any public safety issues involved? Was Wrotnowski a known threat to public safety? Why did Kordick feel compelled to prepare a short political profile of Wrotnowski for McKersie?

Greenwich Police Chief Heavey did not respond and Police Commisioner Tesei, felt pressured to order an internal investigation. 

Tesei responded with,"I expect the Chief and specifically Captain Kordick will provide us a thorough response to the questions you pose."

Most in town don't expect much from the internal Greenwich Police Department investigation, because it is Police Commissioner Peter Tesei himself who has created a GPD culture that is highly politicized. 

Often critics of Peter Tesei or his pet projects are investigated and intimidated by Greenwich Police Department officers and detectives. 

Remember, when Bill Effros, was arrested after he took photos and video of Peter Tesei's pet contaminated construction project at Greenwich High School, 

He was charged with first-degree trespass and breach of peace, and was released on $500 cash bond.

Mr. Effross was ordered out of his home (adjacent to Greenwich High School), handcuffed behind his back, and driven in the back seat of a patrol car to the police station where he was shackled to a wall, finger-printed, had mug shots taken, interrogated, and briefly jailed. 

The arresting officer told me he would arrest me again, and refuse bail, if I so much as set foot on the high school grounds again. 

Mr. Effross had a court order permitting him to be at the high school to record how the contaminated construction was effecting his and his neighbor's properties. 

A vocal critic of recent expansion efforts at GHS, Effros sued and later settled with the town in 2003 over its approval of a controversial project to install lights at Cardinal Stadium, which Effros said shined too brightly in nearby homes. 

He also clashed with the town in 2005 over the installation of artificial-turf fields at GHS, arguing alongside some neighbors that the drainage was being diverted into a nearby brook, potentially posing a danger to water quality and the area's drainage patterns.

When he started objecting to Peter Tesei's pet contaminated construction  plan that build a new performing arts center at Greenwich High School, then it became a police matter in the political culture that Tesei created in the Greenwich Police Department. 

For two years, Bill Effros,the owner of a residential property abutting Greenwich High School who was banned from attending meeting objecting to the economic and environmental disaster, known as the, MISA Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Effros was repeated told by police commissioner Peter Tesei's officers that if he came to a meeting to ask questions or object to the MISA Performing Arts Center, he would be arrested for trespassing.

A local merchant was featured on the front pages of the Greenwich Time for having his store raided by six police officers after complaining about Police Commissioner Peter Tesei and crime problems in the Byram section of Greenwich. 

The merchant was never sited or ticketed from the police raid, but when he ran for and won a seat on the Byram District 4 Representative Town Meeting, the Greenwich Police Department start interviewing his landlord, customers and neighbors to his store. 

He was unable to attend the first Greenwich Representative Town Meeting, because Greenwich Police Officers told him that he would be arrested for trespassing if he went to the meeting at a school in Cos Cob. 

Eventually the merchant quit participating as an elected town legislative official, because of the continued police harassment from Police Commissioner Tessi.

From This Week's Bob Horton's Article On Inappropriate Political Police Surveillance In Greenwich....

In another email exchange this week, Kordick took serious exception to my characterizing his actions as police surveillance. “Use of the term ‘surveillance’ implies some manner of surreptitious monitoring…This is not a case of anyone being ‘under surveillance,’ but rather me simply paying attention,” he wrote. Finding a flyer in the Island Beach parking lot is just “paying attention.” The captain of detectives providing a report to the superintendent of schools on a political meeting and the politics of a private citizen is not just “paying attention.” It is completely inappropriate police behavior.

Mr. Horton Also Wrote In The Greenwich Time.....

Kordick’s choice of language is interesting, He says the Police Department is a community services agency, and that his interest in Mr. Wrotnowski is an example of his “commitment to our community and its values.” I am sure Captain Kordick genuinely believes what he writes, and that should be very concerning. One of the most senior police officers in town, the man in charge of all detectives, thinks this level of attention to people’s political views and actions is part of his job.

Something Needs To Be Done About How Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Has Created A Politicized Police Culture In Greenwich That Limits Honest Political Debate About Issues That Effect The Town's Taxpayers.


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First Selectman Peter Tesei's Pension Problems Represent A Ticking Time Bomb For Greenwich Connecticut​ Taxpayers 

Greenwich's affluence is making it difficult to overcome complacency about the fiscal problems created by Peter Tesei. 

Everyone sees Greenwich as this very wealthy town and yet the town's pension isn’t 100% funded, because of Mr. Tesei's lack of leadership and concern.

Mr. Tesei says he is unfazed by the pension problems and pledge to reverse the deficit in the coming decades. But, here are signs that the pressure on Connecticut could intensify absent leadership and strategy changes. 

No One Wants To Talk About How When Peter Tesei Worked At Putnam Trust That He Lost % Million Dollars For First Presbyterian Church, 

And Now That Once He Became First Selectman He Has Given Greenwich A Pension Fund Crises.

Yes, the Connecticut town with the richest population may not have enough money in its own pockets.

The Town of Greenwich has a lot of trouble not spending wildly on things. 

Most recently, it came to light that Greenwich has a real pension crisis. 

It seems that First Selectman Peter Tesei's pay-as-you-go talk doesn’t have the ability to pay-as-it-goes for our pension obligations. 

This was not always the case,,,,,

As a matter of fact, before Mr. Tesei became First Selectman Greenwich did not subsidized the pensions, 

instead the town relied on safe and conservative investments and sensible hiring policies. 

However, since Peter Tesei was elected, Greenwich has spent almost $28 million this year alone, and over $100 million (25% of an annual budget!) just on making payments that Greenwich Property owners could not afford. 

Why is Mr. Reasonable and Predictable Taxes putting us on that he is a conservative?

Could it be that Greenwich, the home of some of the sharpest financial wizards in America, doesn’t know how to invest its money? 

That would make sense considering that the pension Board has presided over the fund that is just about the WORST in Connecticut. 

That Board, mostly hand picked cronies of the first selectman including its big boss Larry Simon and most recent domestic police department spy Captain Mark Kordick, were way more interested in retaining the company whose performance made you have to pay millions upon millions than fixing the issue.

They have been hiding the facts under the table, but the company who they let lose more millions for us actually rakes in millions of dollars in fees. 

Their already pathetic performance actually turns into a loss for the pension fund when you roll in those millions of fees. 

So there is another black hole of money, whether it is the harbor fees in the slush fund, whether it is in the awarding of no bid contracts at the hand selected Tesei housing authority, whether it is the rumors of selected contractors getting preferential treatment at Tesei controlled departments in Town Hall 

Whatever it is, Greenwich Taxpayers lose. A Lot Year After Year After Year With Peter Tesei And His Cronies In Charge

Members of the Representative Town Meeting joke that Tesei cause Greenwich to “end up as another Detroit,” a city that filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013,

Others are not laughing about what has happened to town pension obligations under Tesei.

Peter Tesei's crony crap is about to hit the fan, and the town that is home to scores of hedge funds and some of the country’s wealthiest individuals is wrestling under the table with a financial distress rivaling that of Kentucky or Illinois.


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OPINION:Re-Elect Peter Tesei And You Can Once Again Forget About The Northwest Fire Station, That Residents Have Been Calling For

Greenwich Connecticut​ building projects are too often over budget and these cost overruns added up to big money.

Basically, First Selectman Peter Tesei, has a a model that’s just not working. 

Tesei gets Greenwich taxpayers in this position because he don’t know how to plan ahead. 

Peter Tesei doesn't look at how he is carelessly spending Greenwich Property owner's hard-earned tax dollars. 

The bottom line is that year after year after year the data shows response times to incidents in Northwest Greenwich well exceed the norm. 

Peter Tesei's refusal to  pay it forward now just means that Greenwich taxpayers are going to have to settle a multi million-dollar lawsuit after a loss of life in a tragedy on the Northwest side of town. 

The he lack of a Northwest fire station was an example of Peter Tesei not doing enough forward thinking in town government.

The Town of Greenwich purchased property in 2004 for a Northwest fire station for a significant amount of money and it turned out not to be adequate. 

Many forget that Tesei was chairman of the BET when First Selectman Lash entered into agreement for the property over a decade ago.

Now, more than 10 years later, Greenwich has still not provided adequate fire service to this section of the town.

Greenwich can be so much better, if the town is relieved of Peter Tesei's mismanagement and ever increasing taxes that bring less services to the tax payers. 

Greenwich's  capital needs are not being met and new firefighters are needed, according to fire officials, to bring Greenwich closer to industry standards for safety and firefighting effectiveness.

A clear health and safety exposure has been identified leaving portions of Greenwich vulnerable and Peter Tesei has done virtually nothing to solve the problem. 

The bottom line is that backcountry coverage is inadequate and year after year after year Peter Tesei has proven that he doesn't have the skill set to solve this life threatening problem.

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SLUSH PUPPY PETER TESEI"S DIRTY LITTLE SLUSH FUND: Tesei's Secret $250,000 Unaccountable Special Fund From Mooring Fees 

Let's open the books on the slush fund that is the mooring fees, all dutifully forwarded to the Office of the First Selectman, destined to a special account that is overseen by who exactly?

Why exactly is Peter Tesei so afraid of saying where these many hundreds of thousands of dollars are going?

Why is Peter Tesei afraid to tell taxpayers about all of the books employees and specially connected people? 

And since the Harbormaster isn’t in the “club” none of this money is really going to benefit the town's waterways. 

But this only happens, because of Peter Tesei's cronyism 

Peter Tesei’s hand-picked Republican “First Selectman’s Committee on Coastal Management” is a fine example of this.

The problem was that of the committee was started with nine members, eight were Republicans put there by Tesei. One was unaffiliated; none was a Democrat. 

The committee even included John Raben, the chairman of Greenwich’s Republican Town Committee. Many of the Republicans were listed as Tesei supporters on his campaign website. 

In fact, the coastal management committee has displayed for all that cronyism in which Republican incumbent Tesei has been indulging in over the years. 

You know Tesei is way too devious when Hearst Newspapers Senior Vice President and Greenwich resident Lincoln Millstein, who spends most of his time slamming Democrats writes.....

“No Denying the Ham-handed Handling of the Harbor Master Apointment in Greenwich“, and that the “so-called Coastal Resource Advisory Committee (wanted) to keep this piece of public business out of public scrutiny. Why else would you stack the committee with members who resemble a Republican fund-raising dinner?“ 

And lets not even talk about how Tesei’s having lost Greenwich a $1.5 million earmark for flood control, that he tried to blame on a town employee who wasn’t even remotely responsible for that earmark or flood control.

And lets also not talk about Peter Tesei botching the town’s request for federal stimulus funding. He only intended to ask for $17 million, while Bridgeport, with just under twice the population, asked for over a billion.
The the town’s volunteer committees have been overly politicized since Tesei, became First Selectman.

Yes, it was Peter Tesei who changed the job of harbormaster so that he would no longer be the director of parks and recreation. He then transferred money to his control and had a well-known local politician put on his payroll.

Life in Greenwich is inextricably tied to water and its waterways.

Greenwich has 7 major harbors and 28 miles of coastline. It is far more than boating and recreation; it extends deeply into the fabric of our life, and becomes our legacy to future generations.

Harbormaster Ian Macmillan has repeatedly earned praise for what he’s done in office, despite Peter Tesei undermining his every move.....

Since 2011, he has been credited with bring greater structure to the payment and registration process for boat moorings, as well as for his advocacy for dredging Greenwich’s waters. 

Macmillan has been key in development of a harbor management plan for Greenwich, a currently ongoing effort.

Macmillan continues to work hard to get the town become compliant with state law for permitting buoys, including swimming, speed, hazard and channel buoys.

Among his goals is to continue promoting safety at sea.

Previously, Mr. Macmillan, working as a strategic water resource specialist developed a state of the art GIS map of the contiguous hydrology of the waters of Greenwich, and established the first stratified drift aquifer study to include the ground waters of New York that feed the reservoirs of Greenwich’s drinking water supply.

Mr. Macmillan, whose ties to Greenwich boating have extended for 35 years, Mr. Macmillan has a deep and abiding love for Greenwich and its waterfront.
He has 45 years of ocean racing experience, twice on board a Greenwich yacht that won the IOR Northern Ocean Racing Trophy.

He worked as a consultant to Derecktor Shipyards, which repairs, refits and constructs all manner of seagoing vessels.

He has decades or experience as a Racing and Delivery Captain.

But there is one problem with Greenwich Harbormaster Ian Macmillan

The Tesei administration, which has no time for water main breaks, traffic in the streets or crumbling schools seems to have an endless supply of money and time to go to war with our $500 a year Harbormaster, Ian McMillan. Why might that be?

Well it might be because petty little Peter Tesei gets his feelings hurt when someone says NO to him.

When Dan Malloy didn’t give him his handpicked choice for Harbormaster because, among other stupidities, Tesei insulted Malloy and told him to “stay out of Greenwich. 

Gee, I wonder why we don’t get anything back from Hartford.
Thanks A Lot Peter. 

Gov. Dannel Malloy has reappointed Ian Macmillan, Greenwich’s harbormaster this year. The new three-year term lasts until June 30, 2017.

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A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE: Peter Tesei A Perennial Candidate Who Actually Won And Caused Greenwich Taxpayers To Pay More For Less Services 

Peter Tesei has been running for office since Ronald Reagan was President.

Yes, you read that right...., 

Peter Tesei first ran for a seat in the Connecticut Legislature when he was 18 years old, winning the Republican nomination only to lose a primary soon after. 

He has cited the Gipper as his hero before, rumor had it that he snuck his dates into his dorm room at college where they could make out with a picture of his hero to watch the proceedings. 

When Peter Tesei was first running for office, Madonna was an unknown youngster, Mandela was still in prison, the Icky Shuffle was still unknown to the world and hair was oh-so high. 

Good times.

And while the world changed, Peter Tesei did not. 

He got a job at a bank where he stayed and stayed for nearly 20 years but what they really paid him to do was run for office. 

There wasn’t a committee he didn’t join, no neighborhood association escaped his joining, not that he actually did anything but if showing up is 90% of politics, 

Peter got an A. 

While the 90’s brought us rap music, the end of the cold war, Hootie and the Blowfish and American soccer, Peter just kept on being elected to things, running as right as rain every two years and promising the same damn things over and over again. 

Sound familiar, 

Old Greenwich Civic Center? 

I bet you that as the new millennium dawned, Peter was promising you a new building, right? 

Or the nice folks in Byram, he promised you those intersections would be fixed, or how he was going to stop that pocket park with the druggies while at the same time he told you that he wanted all that lovely open space while then promising his cronies he’d get them something else. 

Because that is what he does, promise everyone everything for the last three decades

Then he got the big job, a job that doubled his paltry salary from the bank that wouldn’t have even taken him back if he had lost the election, 

in large part because he really didn’t do anything there with the possible exception of manage the funds for the First Presbyterian Church – and his one shot at trying to be different didn’t work out so well. 

So as the banking crisis lead to that evil Barack Obama, 

Peter himself hid out in his office and kept on promising the world. 

Be it promising to kill the Cos Cob Park in the same mouth that promised to build it, he stayed the same. 

He’d promise to keep the kids safe at the same time he would kill safe sidewalks for kids because someone didn’t want their rose bushes moved., 

First it was the Red Sox, now it may be the Cubs, but one generational stretch of failure that won’t change is Peter Tesei and his love of promising the world. 

Because a successful career politician, like Peter Tesei, knows how to do it and he’s been doing it since before the ATM machine was invented. 

One wonders how the folks in Northwest Greenwich feel about that Firehouse they have promised for over a decade. 

"Oh, I am Sorry Peter. I thought you meant what you promised. Silly me."
- Greenwich Taxpayers
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