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A special treat in our latest interview as we have the pleasure of speaking to renowned edtech and mobile learning expert Nicky Hockly. We discuss mobile learning, gaming and VR and their potential in the language classroom. Nicky also shares her thoughts…

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Hello all,

As the sun sets on this year's EVO, I have agreed to write an article about what was learned from the session. I would like the write up to be more than just my voice so I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions with a few comments:

1. What did you learn about during this session?
2. How did you learn? (Trial and error, seeking help/advice, trying to find your own way, watching videos, reading guides online, anything else?)
3. How do you envisage Minecraft potentially being used as a learning tool in your context?

Any other comments welcome!

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I had the chance to interview former teacher and current gane developer Saul Muscat about Minecraft recently. Interesting insights:

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An interview with Saul Muscat, an ESL teacher turned games designer about his experiences of using Minecraft in the language classroom.

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Hello everyone! Are we in Week 5 now?

A hectic week at work and on-going connection issues have kept me off the server recently but I did find time to reflect on last week's streamed session. I was (and still am) fascinated by the different ways we all approach the same game!

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Last week, I spent an enjoyable evening hosted by Vance Stevens on the EVO Minecraft MOOC server. This posts features highlights and main takeaways from that play session.

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In today's livestream Dakotah Redstone mentioned wanting to hear more about how people are using Minecraft in class with their students, so here are a couple of blog posts and a lesson plan about a couple of the ways I have used the game with ESL students:

And here's an interview with Rose about how she has used the game with her learners:

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I am unable to connect to the server once again. I will keep trying to refresh the connection but that may delay/cancel my planned playtime tonight.

Time to go on an expedition!

This evening, I am going to explore caves near my new base in the snow biome and I would like to invite you all along to make it a group quest. I will be online at 1700 UTC and Vance will hopefully join me. The more the merrier so please come along.

I scouted the entrances yesterday and placed torches to mark the safe areas. There is a lot of coal down there and some iron. Lava too so we'll need to watch our steps.

I also found an underground river and built a dam to open up a deeper area. That's when I took an arrow in my knee from the darkness beyond and decided to call it a day.

Bring your armour and iron buckets! Hope to see you online later :)

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A write up of my thoughts about the EVO Minecraft experience so far and what it has reminded me about learning:
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