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Não sei se vai ser tão útil assim mas vale a pena saber..
Did you know you could get bibtex directly from a doi? It's called DOI content negotiation and it can do a lot of other really cool tricks.

I don't know how to do get bibtex from the browser but this works on the command line:

curl -LH "Accept: application/x-bibtex"

Here is the magic output:

doi = {10.1007/s11083-012-9252-6},
url = {},
year = 2012,
month = {mar},
publisher = {Springer Science $\mathplus$ Business Media},
volume = {30},
number = {2},
pages = {415--426},
author = {Fran{\c{c}}ois Gilbert Dorais and Steven Gubkin and Daniel McDonald and Manuel Rivera},
title = {Automorphism Groups of Countably Categorical Linear Orders are Extremely Amenable},
journal = {Order}

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Nice piece about the Makerspace that Ben Shapiro helped create to draw Haitian girls into STEM.  Ben’s quote is great — it’s about changing attitudes and identities, not just teaching tech. The tools, computers and gadgets in Nedlam’s Workshop might imply…

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A heartwarming story of how Prof. Mason's life has been impacted by teaching a MOOC. Read more

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A few rough working notes for a discussion group I convened to discussion Engelbart's famous 1962 paper on "Augmenting Human Intellect".

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Faz uns dois meses que eu imprimi um paper da Cinthia Dwork sobre isso mas não deu tempo de estudar. A matemática é um pouco complicada (ou eu estou ficando velho) mas o resultado vale a pena ser entendido.
Preserving validity in adaptive data analysis

With all data analysis, there is a danger that findings observed in a particular sample do not generalize to the underlying population from which the data were drawn. Adaptive analysis of a data set - where the analyst is informed by data exploration, as well as the results of previous analyses of the data set - can lead to an increased risk of spurious discoveries that are neither prevented nor detected by standard approaches. 

In order to increase the reliability of data driven insights, researchers from Google, Microsoft, IBM, the University of Toronto, Samsung and the University of Pennsylvania have introduced the reusable holdout mechanism, a new methodology for navigating the challenges of adaptivity which allows the analyst to safely validate the results of many adaptively chosen analyses without the need to collect costly fresh data each time. 

Learn more on the Google Research blog, linked below.

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Frank Wilczek just posted a draft book proposal for a "Princeton Companion to Physics" to Twitter.  I hope it eventuates!

Click through to see the proposal.

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"Unless humans slow the destruction of Earth's declining supply of plant life, civilization like it is now may become completely unsustainable, according to a new article".

(Posted by +rasha kamel​)

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