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David Presley
RIP Keith Emerson... and now RIP Greg Lake. 2016 - I hate you.
RIP Keith Emerson... and now RIP Greg Lake. 2016 - I hate you.

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Remembering the maestro on what would've been his 72nd birthday...

Happy Thursday - hoping to sneak-out mid morning for a couple of quick pickup errands... otherwise, just another day in rainy paradise :)

It's been a strangely busy workday, but I did find some time to finish voting and drop-it in the postal box.
What can I say? One of two people is going to become President – it felt like choosing between cancer or a stroke. And since I don't believe this particular cancer is curable, I opted for the stroke (hoping it’s a minor one). Probably doesn't matter, though, as I rather expect this state will choose the cancer.
Hey, 240 years is an awfully long time for a constitutional republic. It was a good run while it lasted!

It occurs to me: I don't know why I even keep G+, since the only thing I do is copy/paste whatever I post in other social media... I've not actually come here to read anything in months (bordering on years).

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bwahahahaha!!! :D

Happy Independence Day - though with the current degree of intrusive government (at all levels) and a de facto police state it rings far more hollow than in times past.

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I'm well past my days doing hiring & firing - but, for those of you who still do, I hope you find this video informative:

You know, I will say this:
It's a testament to the man and his many gifts that so many people are reaching out to me - publicly and privately - to make sure I'm okay. While your concern is sincerely & deeply appreciated, I would ask you to please keep Mari, Aaron, Damon, his grandchildren, and all of those who were close to him in your thoughts and prayers. Because they need them far more than I.
More than anything, while the pain of loss (at present) is acute - in the longer term I know I will continue to be grateful to have lived at the same time as the man who inspired and so profoundly shaped my technical skills, musical sensibilities, and desire to be a better player. For that, and so much more, I am forever in his debt.

Interesting quandary: can't see any pix when using the new G+, but can't post when using classic G+. Can you say "complete pain in the arse" trying to use this stupid platform?!??!!!

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