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   Here comes the "ber" months. That means more parties to come (watch out for the carbs ,he!he!) but I'm more looking forward on what to wear on each party that I'll be attending.       Our company's x-mas party theme this year is about clubbing.When I fir...

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knitted meets Leopard
    This nude knitted top that I'm wearing was from FOREVER21 . See the way they meticulously embroidered the design?! Awesome,right?   The white tank top that I'm wearing inside was from SM DEPARTMENT STORE .  Sunglasses are from GIVENCHY.        Check out...

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Playground Princess
This is so far one of my favorite outfit. Special thanks to mah friend  @itsmecharley06  for letting me borrow this customize tutu and corset. I feel like a real life doll with this cute clothes.     It was a fun photoshoot courtesy of my friend @DaleYap. T...

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All About Patterns
   Here's my OOTD for girl's day out.       Ha!ha!ha! Caught me with my bottled kalamansi juice, I was a bit sick that time;so,really need those vitamin c's... :)   Me and my friend KiM   

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A Christmas Present
 I love anything cute and girly; just like this pretty red skirt.  Whenever I wear this cute baby doll like skirt it reminds me of a Christmas present. The ribbon makes it more like a gift waiting to be unwrapped,ha!ha!

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Kawaii For Less
    I grew up spending my days watching anime,listening to j-pop (japanesse
pop song). I could say I’m a bit of a geek, he!he! but what I love about
anime is their cuteness which I think applies most of the time on my style. Most of us wanna look cute and...

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Bannaple Experience
My friends and I love to eat and try different kinds of food. We all want to go on a diet but we can't also resist sweets and carbs,lol. Since one of our friends haven't tried Bannaple yet we decided to have a brunch there. Let me share with you guys what w...

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That Thing Called Tadhana (Baguio Experience)
   It was my 1st time visiting Baguio; so, I really expect a lot. I heard from my friends that it's super cold and the view and scenery feels like your in a different country. I was so excited to go there with my family. We'll let's see how it goes.  What I...

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Feeling Blue
 One of my favorite blouses for this month. It's cute,girly,feminine and comfy.

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October Playlist
    Finally, had a free time to express myself again. So I'm gonna start by sharing some of my favorite music for this month. If you feel down or you want a little swag or something that will wake you up,try listening to some of these. That's it for now and...
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