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Mohammed Al-Barrak
A Business Analyst at Yesser e-Government Program ,Specialist, passionate and excited about Business Process Management and Web Development,and I am tirelessly striving to learn everything new about them.
A Business Analyst at Yesser e-Government Program ,Specialist, passionate and excited about Business Process Management and Web Development,and I am tirelessly striving to learn everything new about them.

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man is using chi to induce sleep in animals - this is real :)  ♥

See also more evidence for prana or chi:

1. ► an amazing clip of Zhou, a man able to push a car with a spear against his neck, alter his center of gravity, plus other unbelievable feats no normal human can do

2. amazing 10 minute clip from a National Geographic program about Qi  showing the same spear bending (force measured at 2900 pounds per square inch) as seen in this video at 1.  A car is about 2900 pounds.

3. ► a reporter from National Geographic, Jason Silva verified Zhou heat generation abilities in this 3 min clip, water becomes steam.

4. ► 8 min clip shows Zhou can touch iron that is 2800 °F (1538 °C) degrees hot with his hands, teeth and tongue :).

5. ► 6 min clip amazing healing power and ability to turn water into steam using chi by the same Zhou. See below for papers explaining the IR heat from chi.   See for more info.

6. ► this History Channel 9 min video blew the minds of millions, it shows a Shaolin monk able to use chi to withstand the force of a drill on his stomach, neck and head, to bend a metallic piece with his head, to sit on sharp spear heads with 100 pounds of granite on top of him  

7. ►  guy sets paper on fire using chi.  As several of these chi adept clips show, chi can generate heat.  This has been proven on TED talk shows. ► is a TED video of a man who is in ice for a long time & same man in ice in a hospital environment is seen here ►  Some people know how to generate heat, Harvard did a similar study of using the mind to heat the  

8. healing of swelling using chi, this is nothing compared to other healings that would blow the minds of doctors.

9. min video on chi dissolving a big cancer tumor in minutes in a Beijing hospital specializing in treating diseases with qi (the left half is the picture before treatment started). 

If you are a skeptic, you can read to understand why Randi/JREF never contacts Zhou, Chi adepts or Shaolin monks to prove to the public paranormal abilities exist...  Is it  because Randi would lose his "challenge"?  Is that the reason Randi also denies the "challenge" to many? 

For decades medium IR (heat) waves have been used for healing. Chi has IR waves. :)  

Hundreds of papers have been published in science journals about the ability of qi to heal many conditions.  Here are 3 papers about qi destroying cancer cells:


Preliminary research shows that qi emissions are accompanied by medium IR waves of the 3-5 micron wavelength  This is why some European hospitals have used IR mats that generate medium IR waves to heal many conditions for about a century ►  IR waves were discovered in 1800 by Sir Frederick William Herschel (he also discovered Uranus in 1781).

 For over 6000 years, some say in China they had a process called Bigu which means living on chi without eating.  For 28 videos on people living on chi, see

Li Ching-Yuen, a Qi Gong practitioner, reportedly lived to be 256 years old, per research published in New York Times in 1930 ►  

In the March 2013 PLOS ONE paper ►, scientists proved, via gtummo, the mind can heat the body.  Harvard did a similar study ►  

Those interested in the use of astral energy or Qi for longevity  can watch a 25 min video on astral travel research by Alex Tanous ►   Alex shared at 7min22sec in the clip how the scientific understanding of spirit/astral energy will enable us to attain physical Immortality - just like understanding electricity brought us a lot of progress in medicine.   His ability to astral travel was verified by Duke University and others ►  Other astral travelers have shared that on other planets, humanoids are Immortal and live in Peace.  :)  Einstein wrote "Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man", while Tesla said “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”  There is so much that we don't know.   

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