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Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.
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I work hard, bout my money, love my two beautiful kids and all bout family. Enjoy my free time to the fullest.. Love going out with positive people and those are the only people in my circle
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Ok!! For one I'm still having problems car still runs bad!! Check engine light still on they claimed they was going to fix it never did. @ one point I was driving there every week being drop off at work and leaving the car with them and they still couldn't fix the car they put some inspection stickers on it but as I stated earlier the check engine light is on this was my first time buying a car off the used car lot so yes part of the blame is me because I walked in there with no one with me whom knows about cars... Yes the staff was very nice until coming back and fourth became a problem for me.. Anyway so I have this 2005 Nissan Altima which the payments on this car is 262.58 monthly and of course insurance is 233.38 now I've asked could they just take the car back due the car still not registered/check engine light and give me another car I was told that up to the bank.. I call the bank we don't have nothing to do with that if they do trade the car out yes your payments would be the same just a different vehicle... Of course no!! So I have this car which is a lime still not registered I brought this car in December 2015 here it is May 2016!!! This was a hard lesson learned please before walking in here please bring someone who knows about cars... This place is the worst!!!
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